7 Kid-Friendly Shows and Movies You Might not Know

7 Kid-Friendly Shows and Movies You Might not Know main

Nowadays, the best entertainment source and teaching new things to your kids is movies because you cannot go outdoors due to coronavirus. But you cannot let your kids watch all the shows.

Let us discuss a few kids-friendly shows that will be very beneficial for your children and amuse them very much.

1. Ask the StoryBots

There are different cartoon characters like beep, bang, bang, hub, and bo. They tell our kids about science in such a way that children do not get bored; instead, they enjoy learning very much along with learning.

Moreover, questions are very fascinating as they ask how to recycle things? Why do we recycle? Thus your children will learn how to dispose-off things and how we can save resources from extinction. They also try to tell things about the human body, for example, how our eyes work. All episodes of this show are available over Netflix in the USA. In case you want to watch this show in the United Kingdom then you will have to access American netflix in the UK, and then you will be able to stream it.

2. PAW Patrol

In this show, 4 dogs and a boy named Ryder entertained us with their thrilling ideas and skills as they are on a mission to save the shoreside community of adventure bay and surrounding areas.

In PAW Patrol, dogs have fictitious powers, like one dog is a firefighter and another dog is a police officer. Similarly, the third dog is an aviation pilot. In his way, all the dogs help the boy Ryder who is also very intelligent.

Interestingly, the dog house is convertible to special vehicles known as pup mobiles, and all dogs also wear a bag on their shoulders known as a pup pack for carrying essential things.

If you want to watch this show on Netflix and its now appearing in your library then you can unblock the American or British Netflix library and you will be able to access this show.

3. Dora, the Explorer

If you want to increase the communication skills of your children, then Dora the Explorer is the best show. It is like hide and seek because, in it, Dora goes to different places.

She asks the children where the tree, parrot, etc.; then, different options appear on the screen. Thus your children will learn about various things, colors and best of all their communication skills will increase.

No matter in what regions of the world you are because these cartoons are available in almost all countries.

4. The Willoughby

It is about a family in which children think that their parents neglect them, so they dislike them and plan to move from there. So they can live an independent life.

So once all the children left their home, what they faced was the opposite of their imaginations as they thought of independence as a prize. So watch this movie with your children, so they know the importance of parents and learn a life lesson.

7 Kid-Friendly Shows and Movies You Might not Know tv

5. Feel the Beat

The story revolves around a girl who was once restricted to broadway, but somehow she got rid of it then moved to his hometown. Here she started pondering what she should do and for what purpose she was made.

So then she started giving dance classes for little girls. So if your children are fond of movies and love to dance and have strong determination, you must show them this move in their free time.

Moreover, it will also develop the sense of healthy competition in the children, which will help them in all life aspects.

6. Barbie Thumbelina

The story of Barbie Thumbelina revolves around three girls who live in plants, and suddenly one day, humans start cutting these trees that were actually their homes. So they try their best to stop them from cutting trees.

This movie conveys the vital message that it does not cut trees, as many birds and animals are habitats. Moreover, trees are the source of oxygen, and humans use them for respiration, and the most crucial function is that they maintain the temperature of the environment.

7. Mowgli

In this movie, a boy named Mowgli lives with animals in the jungle and communicates with them. He has no interaction with humans. Moreover, he protects different animals.

So watch it right now to know more about the life of Mowgli with animals in the jungle.

Final Words

In short, many movies are worth watching for kids; however, the above mentioned 7 films and shows are the best of all. As by all these movies, your children will learn communication skills, human respect and importance of trees, etc.

As for unblocking any Netflix library, make sure you use a premium VPN rather than a free VPN. Premium VPNs are way better and they can provide you access easily. Free VPNs are just a waste of time, so don’t opt for them.

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