Simple Ideas for a Date Night at Home


Planning a night out for a date isn’t always easy to do. You’ve got work, school, family time and other responsibilities to attend to. Sometimes, a home date night is a perfect idea. Looking for some great stay-at-home date night ideas? Below are some of the best ideas for couples that are looking for something different.

The next time you and your partner don’t feel like going out for date night, try some of these listed stay-at-home date night options instead. As a bonus, most of these ideas are easy on the wallet.

1. Have a Game Night

Game nights are an easy and fun date night idea. You can play card games, board games or video games together. While you are having fun playing your favorite games, you can eat some delicious food. If you’re looking for a fun double date idea, a game night is a perfect option also.

2. Date Night Without Power

As an adult, a fear most have is going without electricity. Not being able to connect to the internet is the worst thing that could happen. As kids, we were excited about the idea of no power. We could think of countless ways to have fun and entertain ourselves.

For a date night at home, bring your inner child back out. Put all of your phones, tablets and other electronics away for the night. Turn off the lights, pull out some candles and enjoy each other’s company. You can tell ghost stories, have dinner by candlelight or play card games. The ideas are endless.

3. Have a Wine Tasting Party

A great stay-in date night idea is having a wine tasting party. You can customize the theme and serve different types of food and drink. To make the experience extra fun, create tasting stations with everything needed to serve the guests. If you don’t want to serve alcohol, you could try a smoothie tasting party instead. Each of you can plan a new smoothie flavor to make and serve.

Simple Ideas for a Date Night at Home wine

4. Prepare an At-Home Spa Date

If you are looking for a romantic and relaxing date at home, a spa-themed date is a perfect idea. Take a couple of sheets and slip into comfortable spa-inspired robes and slippers. Then, draw a bath for two and fill it with water infused with various bath salts and bubbles. This date idea is perfect for a Friday night. You can start the weekend feeling refreshed and relaxed.

5. Have a Cook-Off

Getting competitive can be a fun way to boost your bond and improve your relationship. It can also be a great way to spice up your date night. Instead of having dinner together that you ordered, try having a cook-off. Each partner will have to create a different course using a specific ingredient. The goal is to create something that will be both satisfying and unique.

For example, each person could come up with a creative dish using pickles. The goal is to create something that is both unique and satisfying. If you want a cook-off but neither of you can cook, try ordering in from a new restaurant. One idea is to look into the best Indian takeaways near you. You can order something for the other that you’ve never tried. According to ChefOnline, Indian takeaways have “become a part of living in the UK.”

6. Plan a DIY Paint and Wine Night

Although it can be expensive, having a paint and wine night at home is a great way to spend quality time with your significant other. You can easily recreate this activity at home by buying cheap canvases and getting creative.

Planning a date night at home can be amazing. You don’t have to fight crowds, spend a lot of money or even get dressed!


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