A Cheat Sheet For Hiring A Bartender for Any Event


An adequately stocked bar can take any event to a higher level. But that’s not enough. More importantly, someone needs to be there whose work is to specifically tend the bar. The person not only needs to come from a top mobile bar hire company but must demonstrate deep knowledge of the ability to serve every guest their favourite drinks while ensuring no one is over-served. The biggest advantage of bartenders for hire is that they will keep your event going responsibly. The good thing is that it’s pretty easy to hire a bartender for any event. One way is to enlist the help of a bartending service to contract a full-service company to take care of everything. In this article, we walk you through the delicate process that will culminate in hiring a bartender for any event. Continue reading to learn more.

Opt for a Full-Service Bartending Company as they Offer Convenience

The best thing about a full-service bartending service is that they offer a multitude of packages to choose from. Not only do they provide bartenders for hire, but also serving and mixing equipment, glasses, coolers, drink mixers, and ice. Although you are the one providing liquor, beer, and wine, these professional bartenders will take care of everything else.

You can trust them to have any requisite alcohol licenses that may be required by your area or venue. Also, these bartenders will do the cleanup once the event is over. Lastly, a full-service bartender will cater to the drink request of every guest, while using it more efficiently than when you let everyone serve their own drinks.

Get Your Bartender from a Reputable Bartending Staffing Agency

There is a cache with hiring a bartender from event staffing agencies and this is the fact that you are the one responsible for providing all equipment and supplies. However, this option is much more affordable compared to getting a full-service bar hire service. Still, you get to enjoy the services of a professional bartender that serves your guests any requested drinks.

Check event staffing companies online near you that you can get a bartender from. If you are looking for a reliable company, why not try Bar Brothers Events? They have expert mixologists and bartenders for every occasion.

Use the Recommended Ratio of One Bartender for 75 Guests

This ensures that your bartenders can serve drinks properly without being overwhelmed. Hiring one bartender for every 75 guests ensures there are enough bartenders for hire in your event.

You are allowed to have fewer bartenders if your intention is only to serve beer and wine. However, if you will be serving a fully-fledged bar with mixed drinks and liquors, the ratio to use is one bartender for every 50 guests. Do your math according to this ratio and make sure you hire a sufficient number of bartenders.

Ask About Pricing

Check online or inquire if your event venue can recommend one of the several local bartending services. Once you have a few companies to start with, call them up and compare their rates. Pick one that offers the best option for your party.

It’s also recommended to inform these companies of the time and date that you hope to hold your party and see if they will be available on that day.

Another vital detail to ask is whether you will require coordinating with the venue to organize the materials and supplies you need.

Make Sure You Are Well Stocked with All the Alcohol for Your Party

Even before you contact bartenders for hire, you should ensure that you have stocked all the supplies and alcohol. Make sure you organize all your supplies and drinks to enable your bartender to know the location of everything to enable easy finding of things.

Chill drinks that should be served cold at least one hour before the start of the event.

Also, in case you choose to use a venue for the party, ensure they are capable of storing and keeping drinks cold.

Choose a Dress Code for Bartenders

Your bartender dressing pattern is critical because it sets the tone for your event. In case your event is very formal, you may be inclined to have your bartenders don a white dress shirt complete with a tie. But for a casual event, make your bartenders for hire wear a collared shirt and jeans.

 Consider Experience

The bar hire service that you choose to work with must demonstrate that its bartenders are experienced enough to handle your event. The experience puts a bartender in great stead when it comes to serving your guests their favourite drinks. An experienced bartender will also know when a guest has had enough and refuse to serve them further.

Post an Advert Online For a Bartender

Online classified ad sites, for instance, Angie’s List, or social media sites can be a great place to search for a bartender for your upcoming event. You will most likely get responses and even manage to compare prices and get to choose the one that most appeals to you.

When you post your ad, make sure you include the time, date, and location for the event.

In case your venue calls for a licensed bartender, ensure you mention that in the post.

Agree With Your Bartender over Fees before the Event

Before selecting a bartender from a pool of bartenders for hire, you should be clear on the matter of payment to avoid any tussles later on. Research to know what the average hourly rates for bartenders in your region are. Remember that the more experienced bartenders will command a higher fee. You may also allow the bartenders to keep the tips they get.

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