How safe are glass staircases?


If your old staircase is looking a little dull, and as though it could do with some TLC, incorporating glass into its design is a surefire way to bring it back to life. 

From allowing more natural light to flow freely through your hallways to giving the illusion of more space, there are many ways you can benefit from doing so. 

However, many people will decide against a glass staircase when redesigning their balustrade due to various safety concerns. 

But is there really anything to be concerned about? 

Find out more in this article! 

So, are glass staircases safe? 

So long as they’re professionally manufactured, installed, and legislation-compliant, glass staircases are incredibly safe. 

These days, glass staircase panels are made from safety glass panels, which are made from toughened, laminated glass – the same type used for shop windows and car windscreens – which is much stronger than ordinary, everyday glass. 

For extra peace of mind, glass panels used in balustrade designs are marked with something called a Kitemark. 

This is the oldest universal symbol of quality, which was first established in 1903, to help identify glazing solutions that were the peak of safety and reliability. 

Any reputable staircase specialists – like the team at Abbott-Wade – are committed to providing the safest, highest-quality products to their customers. 

Whenever you go to them, you can have full confidence that the glass they use in their staircase designs conforms to all safety standards and regulatory requirements in the UK. 

What are the safety benefits of glass staircases? 

Believe it or not, there are actually several safety benefits associated with glass stairs, including: 

  • Durability and longevity 

Unlike other materials, which may rot or rust over time, glass is remarkably strong and will stand firm for the duration of its life.  

And, being incredibly resistant to wear and tear, you won’t have to worry about any major structural damage. 

  • They’re child and pet friendly 

Whether you have young children or are a proud pet parent (or both!), the most you’ll have to worry about with a glass staircase are sticky fingerprints and wet nose prints. 

There’s no chance of your little ones (or furbabies) breaking the glass, and you needn’t stress over eager little limbs poking through the gaps in your spindles, as glass balustrades are designed with gaps too small for them to fit through. 

  • Transparency 

This is a given, but we promise we aren’t just stating the obvious. 

Whilst being a visually striking design feature, the transparency of glass also acts as a vital safety feature, as it allows for better visibility and judgement of height. 

How else can I benefit from a glass staircase? 

How a glass staircase will look in your home is just as important as safety, and luckily, there are many other benefits of glass balustrades, including: 

  • Improved lighting – Glass staircase panels allow more natural light to flow through your hallways, and make your space feel much bigger and brighter. This is particularly advantageous in smaller, shadowy homes. 
  • Enhanced style – Glass staircase components enhance the overall look and feel of your space and are a wonderful modern addition to any home.  
  • Versatility – Glass staircase panels work well with a range of different materials, including stainless steel and oak. There are also a range of different ways you can accessorise your new staircase so that it’s to your taste and fits in seamlessly with the rest of your décor. 

Safety regulations for glass staircases 

Safety regulations and building codes for glass staircases change per location and home, to make your glass staircase the safest it can be for your home and family. 

They often include specifications for glass strength and thickness, height and spacing needs, load-bearing capacity, and safety-glazing requirements to prevent accidents and maintain structural integrity. 

If you’re considering installing a glass balustrade in your home and would like to learn more about how to make it as safe as possible, check out the building codes in your area for guidance. 

Need help designing a safe glass staircase? 

If you need help designing your dream glass staircase or have any other concerns you’d like to put to bed, the staircase specialists at Abbott-Wade are here to assist you. 

Get in touch with their team today, and they’d be more than happy to help! 


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