These Industries Use CNC Milling Machines to Develop Products

These Industries Use CNC Milling Machines to Develop Products main

CNC milling is a manufacturing process that is used quite a lot, just like injection molding. At 3D Hubs you can get an injection molding quote within 10 seconds. Milling is a CNC service and makes use of a specific machine, also known as a CNC milling machine. There are multiple industries that essentially rely on this process. Below you can find several sectors that use CNC milling machines regularly in order to manufacture their products.

Medical industry

The medical industry uses CNC milling in order to produce some of the most essential equipment and tools that not only the physicians use, but the patients as well. Some medical products that are processed using CNC milling machines are prosthetics and surgical tools for example.

Automotive industry

The automotive sector uses CNC milling machines to manufacture parts of motorcycles, vehicles, and engines. However, this process enables the producers to develop other items that are needed as well. These parts can include water pumps, engine blocks, flywheels, and much more.

Military industry

Furthermore, the military makes use of the CNC milling machines as well. This is done in order to produce precision pieces. Examples are firearm bodies, cocking handles, gun components, and more parts for a gun. This includes sights for a firearm as well.

Aerospace industry

So many parts used in the airline sector are manufactured with the help of CNC milling machines. Some of these components includes hydraulic manifolds, transmissions, and fuel bodies. Even entire aircraft structures are developed by using CNC milling.

Energy industry

In the energy industry both small and large companies rely on CNC milling machines in order to develop certain electrical products. There are many examples of electrical items that have been made by using CNC milling ,such as valves, fuel pump handles, and gears for wind power.


Now we are in the electrical scene anyway, we can touch upon the electronics as well. CNC milling machines mainly have a big role in this industry. This manufacturing technique is used to create electronic components for many different gadgets and appliances. Examples are television parts, mobile phone components, and parts for in a car.


Another sector that uses CNC milling is the agriculture industry. Of course, not all materials and tools used in this sector are natural. There are many pieces of equipment used on farms that have been manufactured with the help of CNC milling machines, such as cast parts, transmission housings, and the gearbox casings.

The key differences between CNC milling and CNC turning

Custom CNC machining can be done in multiple ways. Two of the most common CNC machining services are CNC milling and CNC turning. These are both everyday processes in a machine shop. Both methods use a cutting tool in order to remove material from a solid workpiece. This will be done to create 3D products, which can also be done with online 3D printing. CNC milling and CNC turning are both seen as subtractive manufacturing methods. This is the case since they both remove material. There are some key differences between the two processes, as you can read down below.


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