Your 7-Tip Guide When Buying a Used Commercial Vehicle

Your 7-tip guide when buying a used commercial vehicle main

When most people think of buying a truck, new is certainly what they have in mind. An off-the-showroom kind of machine is prestigious and to many, a guarantee for efficiency. Well, the budget will not always be sufficient for what one has in mind to buy. The greatest consideration when buying something that has been in the hands of another owner is compatibility to professional needs. These 7 tips will help you to narrow down on the best choice;

Be aware of your options

Most commercial vehicles merchants offer a wide range of vans and trucks from which to choose. If you decide to use online dealers, you will obviously lose out on the opportunity to personally inspect the vehicles you like but most sites provide in-depth descriptions and elaborate photos. For those who prefer making decisions based on what they can see, their vehicle buying experience is limited to dealers within travel distance.

 Are you one of those people who believe that a handshake is synonymous with closing a deal? Then you are better off searching for dealers close to you. Did you know that you can buy a used van or truck from an auction? Bidding is fun but you must take care not to let the competitive spirit get the better of you – you could very easily buy a vehicle well above its market value.

Study your potential purchase

As with anything else, the most important element of making a used commercial vehicle purchase is getting as much information on it as you possibly can. Before you establish whether a vehicle is a right fit for your needs, you must take time to inspect it, know how it was used before and get to know the person who owned it (whether through reputation or background checking). Most people repaint their used vehicle to make them more appealing to potential buyers. A thorough research is the only way to see the good or bad that is past the outward appearance.

Analyse level of technology use

Car manufacturing technology keeps changing and modern drivers have the ability to work faster and smarter. While some technological features are great for enhancing efficiency, they could slow down operations if time is required to learn them or they are simply too complex for existing operators. When aligning technology is used to level of expertise, it is important to consider emission standards and safety as stipulated by law.

Your 7-tip Guide When Buying a Used Commercial Vehicle van

Be keen on appearance

Take extra caution when judging a commercial van or truck on the basis of how they look. Some may look great but the interiors are completely worn out while others might be odd looking on the outside but in great condition inside. Think about it this way; how is it possible that a van or truck that looks pathetic on the outside actually runs well? This is quite possible but does not cut across the board hence the need to analyse each vehicle individually.

Consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

What is this purchase going to cost you? Sum the purchase price with owner costs (insurance, replacement, and maintenance). Then subtract the resale value. Is it worth buying a used van or truck if the cost of repairing it and bringing it up to your desired standards will make it more expensive to buying a new one?

Go through the paperwork

Even a used van or truck was once new and should therefore have all the necessary ownership documents. Before you consider handing money to the dealer, ask to see the vehicle title as proof of ownership. If the seller is not the owner, they should at the very least provide you with a bill of sale and title transfer. This step is important to protect against purchase of stolen goods or claiming compensation if what is delivered does not match what was ordered.

Ask for warranty

Does the price of the used van or truck sound too good to be true? Well, that could be because the seller is not offering you any warranty or guarantee. Consider buying from a merchant who will offer you an official warranty – you will have purchased some level of peace of mind.

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