Olivia Rodrigo Guts World Tour: 9 Ways To Stay Ahead Of Other Fans


Youngins are taking over the music industry, and Olivia Rodrigo, among others, is a perfect example of such an enthusiastic artist who is relentless and converting more people to her craft, and style of music as the days go by.

The “Guts World Tour” has gradually become one of the highly regarded tours in 2024, and from the look of things, it’ll come in heavy with revenue too, since concertgoers keep asking for more, with some willing to travel inter-state just to see Olivia perform her “Guts” album setlist.

Olivia has done so well for herself and has displayed professional control and composure amidst her current tour that she creates the impression of being the next Taylor Swift if she continues like this. It’s rare to see a young artist take charge of their career and steer it in the direction of success as Olivia does, especially with her live performances, so we have nothing but love for her.

The singer is set to visit 7 countries in June, before taking a break on the 23rd, to resume in July. In anticipation of her visits, we’ve decided to share 9 ways you can easily stay ahead of other fans.

9 Ways To Stay Ahead Of Other Fans

Regardless of whether you’re a newbie planning to attend her concert for the very first time or an old-timer. This will orient you on how best to stay ahead of other fans, without investing too much in it.

Get Your Tickets

The very first thing you have to do is get your tickets, even before the show gets to your city or the city you intend on visiting for the concert. 

Even though that might be difficult at the moment,  because the “Guts World Tour” tickets are hard to get, we still advise that an online ticket marketplace will be the best place to get Olivia Rodrigo tickets. When you have this in place, advancing to the next phase won’t be a problem.

Master The Setlist

There are a total of 22 songs on the “Guts World Tour” setlist, and most of these songs are easily relatable, so the lyrics can build up within you if you listen to them a couple of times. After getting your tickets, even before, ensure to master the setlist.

A time will come when this comes in handy, and you’ll be glad you engaged in this activity with the whole of your heart as a core Olivia Rodrigo fan.

Be Familiar With The Venue

Depends on where you’re coming from, but there are mostly many routes to the concert venue, you just have to figure out which route takes you to the venue in a short time.

Checking out a venue a day before the concert will clear off whatever potential confusion you’ll likely get on D-Day when thousands of people are everywhere trying to get access to the venue too.

If you’re coming from far, it will also let you note down entry points, and accessibility points within a certain venue, making accessibility easy for you.

Dress Comfortably

Once you’re done with post-concert day activities, such as being familiar with the venue, on D-Day, and mastering the setlist, make sure to dress comfortably for the concert. There are no specific dress codes, so you can do whatever works for you as long as you’re comfortable.

Dressing comfortably allows you to enjoy the concert to the fullest, without any constraints. Even the shoe you wear should offer good support, and not be too tight. Consider the fact that you’ll likely stand for a long time, it might get tiring and painful in an uncomfortable shoe.

Don’t Pack To The Concert

Having comfortable clothes and shoes on means you don’t have to pack anything extra for the concert. Even though you’re allowed to carry a very small bag, the size of an A4, you wouldn’t need to as long as you stick to essential items only.

Essential items like, your smartphone, earplugs and probably IDs. These are enough for any Olivia concert.

Hydrate A Lot Before Leaving Home

Olivia’s concerts are mostly held in indoor venues. This means that you’ll always have access to water stations, so you don’t have to worry about water while in the concert.

However, make sure to take a lot of water before leaving home. This will make you fit for the journey ahead. Remember that certain events are unpredictable, and delays might occur even at the gates.

When that happens and you’re hydrated already, you won’t need to leave the queue for water. Also, hydrating before leaving home means you don’t need to carry an extra water bottle for the road since you can have all the water you want in the concert.

Be Early To The Venue

Timing is everything when dealing with a lot of people. Regardless of the kind of ticket you have, if you can, make sure to be at the concert venue on time. This will give you early access to the concert.

In most cases, queues are not done according to ticket types, so you can be rest assured of being attended to first if you arrive first. Also, in a situation where you skipped the step of “Being Familiar With The Venue,” going early will allow you to check out the venue and be familiar with certain accessibility points for when it matters.

Another exclusive advantage that early goers usually get is access to exclusive “Guts World Tour ” merchandise. Most of the merchandise sold at concert venues cannot be found elsewhere. So you see, if you go to the concert venue, you’ll have the advantage of getting Olivia’s exclusive “Guts World Tour” merchandise.

Have An Open Mindset

While in the concert, try to have an open mindset. Relate with a lot of people, and make lots of friends as possible, if you can. Concerts are usually fun places, and you’ll be surprised at who you’re gonna meet there just for the fun of it.

Your life partner might be beside you in the concert, or that connection you’ve been waiting for to change your life. Having an open mindset creates enough positivity around you that you relate with the right set of people at the right time.

You could build up a relationship that can later impact your life months or years after the tour. ”With the world so bent on tearing itself apart, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little bit of positive energy.” ~ Desmond Doss.

Go Hard

When it gets to this phase for you, you’ll realize the importance of all the other activities you engaged in before this. This is where you show everyone and Olivia that you’re a solid fan by singing along with her, word for word.

Your comfortable clothes and shoes also play an important role in this part. In the sense that, you’ll have no restrictions with dancing, jumping and singing. The fact that you are already hydrated enough from home means you’ll still have enough energy to shake it off some more when the concert begins.

You also already know where the restrooms are, so you can easily get there when you have to. Lastly, the fact that you didn’t pack for the concert means you’ll be light. This alone guarantees you’ll be super active than other fans who packed to the concert.


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