Can I Learn Python Without Knowing Programming?

Can I Learn Python Without Knowing Programming

If you have the time and motivation to try to master Halo, you have the time and motivation to learn Python. You don’t need to know programming before you start. Learning Python is easy, and there are a number of courses and programs online that will help you to become a programmer. This skill will open doors for you towards salaries that could have you earning over $100,000 annually.

You can learn Python without knowing what programming entails in advance. Imagine a world where in just a few months you could be a coder too. It is entirely possible and attainable!

How Non-Programmers Learn Python

In the programming world, you are currently a non-programmer. You could become one though, and if you are thinking of it, there might be a programmer in your soul.

Non-programmers learn Python by taking the required courses to gain the skills and get the basics. Python is a language that you will develop over the course of your life and career. A good Python course will give you the basics and the reasoning skills you need to expand on this exciting path.

The curriculum can take anywhere from ten weeks to three months to get the most important Python skills down. During this time, you will learn coding topics and the challenges of the job. You’ll also learn the basic programming language.

For the motivated learner, only a few days are needed to learn Python fundamentals, and how loops, arrays, data sets, and syntax all work together seamlessly to create a language everyday users can understand.

There are courses in higher education facilities that will teach you Python. If you can teach yourself how to master Halo, you can also teach yourself how to master Python. It’s not the same skill set — you won’t be conquering adversaries in a video game. But if you have the mindset that brings laser focus to the tech world, you can learn a programming language on your own in very little time without a high tuition bill.

Begin with some skill-building on your own. Then, consider a Python course that matches your skill and motivation level, and take it from there. There are some standard Python courses online that help programmers land jobs.

Learn Python on Udemy

Udemy is undoubtedly one of the most popular, if not the most popular place to learn Python. Here you can take courses that help you to learn the lingo or build projects at advanced levels. If you are wondering if you can learn Python without being a programmer, courses at Udemy such as The Python Bible are ideal starting points for you. In just a few weeks you will have what you need to do this job well at the entry-level.

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Learn Python on Coursera

Coursera is another very popular specialization school for learning Python. Here you will develop skills and master the art of this unique data-driven language. You can also expand on your initial programming skills here once you master the basics of Python. You can even take what you want from Udemy, and add on to your skills development with more advanced topics here.

Explore the many directions Python programming will take you here, and learn what your potential is in various specializations. Do you want to be a data scientist? A web developer? Or a database geek? Courses like those at Coursera will help you make those life-changing decisions.

Other Online Learning Centers for Python

There are learning centers for future Python programmers online. They include:

  • Python Learn
  • Python Guru
  • New Circle
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python
  • Google’s Python Class
  • And more!

You don’t have to restrict yourself to one course. Explore them all, and pick the ones that will get you through the doors of the companies you want to work for.

Salaries After You Learn Python

Once you learn Python, you have a skill set for life that will have you starting at approximately $80,000 and could have you making as much as $150,000 within a few years. It only takes a few weeks to a few months to get the basics down.

Start Your Python Learning Today

When you are learning Python, learn the roadmap to get to the job that you want. Do you want to be a data scientist in the beauty industry? Look up those jobs first and find out what they need to get there. Do you want to be a programmer for health care? Research the job sites and learn what they ask to get the interviews. Then, tailor your Python learning from there. You don’t have to be a programmer to learn Python today. But you can start to become one tomorrow if you want to be.


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