Why Electric Heating Could be the Solution for Your Home

Why Electric Heating Could be the Solution for Your Home main

Heating our homes is, of course, one of the essentials of home comfort – but traditional hot water and gas heating might not always be the best method to warm your home.

The costs of a new boiler can be prohibitive – and leaky pipes and radiators, the cost and wait for plumbers, not to mention the noisy clank of pipes warming up on a morning can all mean traditional heating sources aren’t the best choice for everyone.

All of which would explain why electric heating is growing rapidly in popularity. Electric heaters work, as the name suggests, by conducting heat through electricity. The heaters transfer thermal energy to heat a room in much the same way an electric current heats the elements in a kettle.

The heaters may vary in the type of metal used and the basic efficiency of each model, so it’s important to talk to any stockists first, but let’s look at some of the benefits and advantages of electric heating…

Old Boilers Can Be Inefficient

How old is your traditional gas and hot water boiler? If it’s over 10 years old and isn’t subjected to annual servicing then it could be running inefficiently – or worse, it could be heading towards a break down. Replacing a boiler can cost anything from £2,500-£5,000, so it’s a potentially expensive risk to take. Of course, you will always need a boiler for hot water, but an electric radiator will at least keep your house warm while you work out a replacement.

No Leaks, No Bleeds!

Anyone who has ever had to engage in the tiresome and untidy task of bleeding their hot water or gas radiators will know it’s not something you’d want to do too often. Leaks can occur at any place through the entire system and air locks can clog up the workings, meaning repairs and bleeding are essential. Electric heating will never leak and never have a need for bleeding.

Why Electric Heating Could be the Solution for Your Home wall

No Unnecessary Heat Dispersing

A gas or hot water heating system is usually a maze of pipes running all through the house, under the floors and through the walls. Needless to say, this system of heating means lots of heat can be lost in inefficient areas, such as outside walls or beneath floorboards. With electric heating – and especially with some smart modern models – all the heat is dispersed where you want it: in the room you’re trying to heat!

The End of Banging and Clanking

The sound of clanking pipes on a morning, expanding as the heat enters them, can be the most irritating wake up call – not to mention a sure fire way of waking up sleeping babies. The churning of heated water in the system can in some cases be extremely noisy – and even at its best, hot water heating is a series of clicks, firings and whirrings. Electric radiators are close to silent, with no need for pipework in walls and absolutely no bangs and crashes.

Modern, App Friendly and Easily Changed

Ultra-modern electric heaters will come with apps allowing you to control the heat through your smartphone – and even while out of the house, meaning you can make sure you’ve got a nice, toasty house to return to if you’re out. Finally, should you ever fancy an upgrade or changing to a different model, electric heaters are much easier to change and install than traditional radiators.

However you choose to heat your home, it’s important to keep ion top of the maintenance and make sure things are running smoothly and efficiently. Changing to an electric heating system might just give you the peace of mind you need – not to mention a warm and cosy home.


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