Things you need to know when moving to Central London


Moving to Central London is a huge decision. It’s the beating heart of the UK, and many believe London exists in its own bubble. Despite living in other UK cities for many years, a move to London still comes as a culture shock to many. It’s good to be prepared for what lies ahead, so here are some key things to know when moving to Central London: 

Removals Are Extremely Challenging

Moving into Central London from a different part of the UK is a big challenge. The city is so big and full of people and transportation, which makes it very hard to move your belongings to your new place. Doing it alone is a huge risk as a big truck needs to be hired, or multiple trips to and from London will be required – and nobody wants to deal with that. 

The best approach is to plan the move months in advance (if this is possible). Try to get rid of as much clutter as possible so you don’t need to bring too much with you. Contact local removal companies in Central London for assistance while you’re at it; they can provide trucks or vans and have better knowledge of navigating London traffic than you do. This all comes together to help the moving aspect go as smoothly as can be. 

The Cost Of Living Is Greater Here Than Anywhere Else

Most people are aware of London’s cost of living, but are you fully aware of how much it costs to live in this place? Whether you’re buying or renting, the cost of your new home will already be a lot higher than your old one – and you probably paid for a lot less, too. 

However, the big thing many new Central Londoners forget is the cost of utilities and food. Energy prices are higher in London than anywhere else in the UK and the local shops will charge more for standard groceries. It means you’ll be spending more each month, so prepare for this by adjusting your budget. 

Account for the higher cost of living by adjusting your regular expenses and seeking out the cheapest utility providers. Look for places like Lidl or Aldi in or around Central London. They provide the cheapest groceries so you can save money and prevent the high cost of living from making your life a misery. 

Public Transport Is The Best Way To Get Around

It’s never advisable to drive around Central London. Terrible traffic combined with congestion charges makes this the least efficient and most expensive way of getting around. Instead, walking or using public transport are your best bets. A lot of things to do in Central London are within walking distance – and a 10-minute tube or bus journey can take you to many other places in the city. 

London’s public transport system is also one of the best in the world. Nowadays, anyone can pay for bus, tube or tram fares by contactless payments. The key thing to note is that you need to tap in AND out. Tap your phone or card against the contactless reader before going through the barriers at a tube station to trigger the payment, and then tap it again on your way out of the station. This registers your journey and ensures you pay the right amount. If you forget to tap out, you could be fined or charged more than expected. 

Beware Of E-Bikes & Electric Scooters

As you’re wandering around Central London and enjoying all the sights and scenes in your new home, you’ll need to keep your eyes open. Cars usually obey all the traffic signs and lights, but the same can’t be said of e-bike or e-scooter riders. Always look both ways before crossing any street, and keep your wits about you before one comes zooming along. 

Beware of cycle lanes, too – don’t be caught standing in one when waiting to cross the road, or you could cause an accident. Keep clear of them as you would a road – more accidents are caused in cycle lanes than on the roads themselves in Central London. 

It’s easy to think that moving to Central London is the same as moving anywhere in the UK. Alas, it is entirely different and one must be prepared for what lies ahead. Knowing the things mentioned in this guide will prevent unwanted surprises and helps you get ready for the benefits of living in Central London as well. 


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