Best Floral Patterns to Add to Your Walls for an Amazing DIY Transformation

Best Floral Patterns to Add to Your Walls for an Amazing DIY Transformation main

What do you get when you combine colour and flowers? Floral patterns! We are used to seeing floral patterns on our clothes, especially in the summer, where almost everyone takes on an island vibe. How about introducing these patterns to your walls? They will boast the same beauty, and you can feel like you are on vacation around the clock. How great would that be? Let’s show you how you can decorate your home and get a mood uplift all at once:

Using Wallpaper with Floral Patterns

Are you wondering how you can impart floral patterns in your home without spending a lot of money? The good news is that you do not need to paint your walls. It’s much easier than that- all you do is buy peel and stick temporary wallpaper with a floral pattern, and you are good to go. Is it that simple? Why, yes!

Temporary wallpaper is very easy to work with rather than hassling with paste and a thick wallpaper that will not give you room for error. It comes with an adhesive attached to its backing. So, when you peel it off the backing, you can stick it on the wall. When you want to take it off, it’s as easy as peeling it off the wall. It does not leave any residue, nor does it damage the walls. Besides, if you want to place it on the wall again, the adhesive on its back will still work. Can you see why using temporary wallpaper with flowers is such a great option?

The Best Floral Patterns

Moody Florals

You’re probably used to seeing bright wallpapers adorning the walls in most homes. But have you seen what moody florals can do for a space? They automatically impart elegance in it and can help you increase the sophistication aspect in the room. In an instant, an otherwise bland space becomes a masterpiece from which other people can copy. Given how bold these patterns are, they combine well with equally loud accessories.

Geometric Florals

Floral patterns tend to lie more on the feminine side than they do on the masculine side. So, if you have reasons why a feminine vibe does not work for you, here’s the good news- you do not need to abandon florals altogether. Instead, you can make them work by going for a geometric pattern. You end up with a soft space that neither feels too feminine nor too masculine. Look around your home, and you will realize that you have tons of rooms that could benefit from this balance.

Fading Florals

Florals have often jumped out at us from the walls, clothes, and anywhere else they have been. This radiance can feel a bit too much for some people, especially when you want to take on a more subdued vibe. Luckily, you now have the option to use faded florals that add a quiet beauty to the room. It feels bright and warm but not too much to take over the space. Besides, this also makes it easier to enjoy the textures in the space. Think of such florals when decorating quiet spaces like nurseries, porches, and even reading nooks. If the space feels a bit too dull, don’t hold back on bringing in the accents. How about some gold to go with it?

Best Floral Patterns to Add to Your Walls for an Amazing DIY Transformation flowers

Tropical Floral Patterns

How could this list be complete without mentioning one of the top trends of 2021? It figures that after people spent months away from nature, they would want to get closer to it. On top of hiking and catching up with their friends once they got the go-ahead to go out, they also introduced nature to their homes. From flowerpots to crawling plants down to kitchen gardens, the changes were outstanding. With these came the introduction of tropical floral patterns that ooze a natural vibe that makes the space feel more alive. They work for small and large spaces and can brighten up any space in the room. You can use them in bathrooms, kitchens, porches; you name it. However, to ensure that their beauty pops, avoid mixing them with other competing hues.

Monochromatic Floral Patterns

Is there a law against using monochromes in floral patterns? Not if recent changes have anything to do with it! If you are not into colorful florals, you can always go with monochromes. But to make them a bit more interesting, try and get those with large designs that do not go unnoticed. That way, there will be some visual interest, and you can avoid creating a bland space.

Choosing the Right Pattern

You can see that there are tons of patterns in the market that could work for your home. The bonus is that you can DIY all these patterns by using temporary wallpaper. But how can you decide which wallpaper makes the most sense for your home? Here’s how:

What does the wallpaper say about you?

Wallpapers echo your personality. For example, when you use abstract prints, you lean on the more modern approach. But if you want a feminine appeal, you are safer going with a vintage look. Consider what the wallpaper will communicate and how you feel about it. After all, you will be in close quarters with the art almost all day. You would not want to be in a home whose ambiance did not speak to you.

Is the Pattern the Right Size?

Think of floral patterns like you would when selecting clothes. How do you do it? People know the prints that accentuate their best features and hide away what they want to remain unseen. What pattern works for you? In the same way, consider wallpaper as a dress for your walls. Are there any parts of the walls that need hiding? Does the wallpaper make the room feel smaller or larger than it is? Consider how you want the wallpaper to come out and choose a size that falls smack within this requirement.

See? Choosing the right wallpaper for your home is not a complex task. We’ve given you a good head start by detailing some of the best options in the market and how you can zero in on what is suitable for your space. Have fun!


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