Care Advice for a Bunch of Flowers at Home

Care advice for a bunch of flowers at home main

You can easily influence how a bouquet looks yourself with simple care tips, which florists are happy to share with you. Here are 6 professional bouquet care tips, so that you can enjoy your flowers to the fullest!

1. This is how the bouquet arrives safely at its destination

Make sure you pack the bouquet carefully. This prevents damage to the beautiful bouquet. This way you also protect the bouquet against heat or cold. Have you ordered the bouquet from us? No worries, our Fleurop professional florists always provide the right packaging and protection against the heat or cold.

2. Chopping or cutting?

Take care of your bouquet with love. Do not chop the stems, but cut them diagonally with a knife or flower scissors. This ensures that the flowers can absorb enough water. When you chop or cut, the stem splits and the opposite happens – your flowers are drying out. Do this even if the florist has already cut them diagonally, as the stems can dry out on the way home. As a result, the flowers will absorb less water.

Tip: cut off a piece of the stem every 3 to 4 days. This way the bouquet stays longer and you can enjoy it more. Also, clean the vase immediately and add a new sachet of cut flower food. Ask the florist for an extra bag of food.

Tip: Do the roses ‘hang’ after a few days? Then they are not getting enough water. Cut the stem off again at an angle, so that they can absorb enough water. The rose will likely bloom beautifully again.

3. Watch the leaves!

Remove any leaves that become submerged in water. Do this because otherwise the leaves can rot. Flowers also cannot withstand the bacteria that enters the water.

Care advice for a bunch of flowers at home

4. A suitable and clean vase

Get the new bouquet off to a good start. With a clean vase you prevent bacteria from getting to the flowers. Your bouquet also likes to have enough space, so don’t stuff the stems on top of each other, but make sure you have a suitable vase in which there is sufficient space. Explore a wide range of vases at Verano Ceramics to find the perfect vessel for your beautiful bouquets.

Tip: Preferably choose a glass vase. Bacteria have less chance of attaching themselves here.

5. Quickly into the water

When you come home with fresh flowers or the bouquet has just been delivered, it is important that the flowers are placed in a vase of water as soon as possible. It is best to do this with cold tap water and the right amount of flower food. There is always a bag of cut flower food with Bloompost bouquets. Always add this and check the packaging for the correct ratio. Now it’s time to enjoy the beautiful bouquet.

Tip: Use the supplied cut flower food or ask the florist afterwards. The food keeps the bouquet beautiful for up to 60% longer!

6. Find a good spot

Of course you want the flowers to last as long as possible. But how do you do that? Make sure to avoid the following locations. The flowers will not improve if you place them in a draft or near the heating. As a result, they evaporate more moisture than they absorb. Also next to the fruit bowl is not the best place for flowers. This is because fruit produces ethylene gas. Which causes flowers to age quickly.

Did you know that Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days for florists? Worldwide children, family and friends give a well deserved bunch of flowers to mothers. In Swedish its called mors dag blommor or påskpresent, for example

Enjoy the flowers!


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