Every Factor That Can Impact Vehicle Tyre Service Life

Every Factor That Can Impact Vehicle Tyre Service Life main

Much like a runner needs high-quality shoes to run safely, a car must have quality tyres that are in good condition in order to drive safely and efficiently. Tyres can become worn and damaged over time, though, and defects and damage can have dire consequences as it could lead to an accident and impact the efficiency of the car.

Knowing When to Replace

It is for this reason why it is so important for motorists to be able to spot issues early so that they can ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive as well as save money in the long run. When tyres are damaged or a fault is found, motorists need to use credited tyre providers so that they can get high-quality replacement car tyres that are right for their particular vehicle.

So, what are the main factors that have an impact on a tyre’s service life? It is said that there are 2 definitive categories that affect this – physical or human.


Physical factors refer to any damage that occurs through the physical strain that is placed on tyres. Common physical factors include:

– Age
– Wear and tear
– Driving over damaged road
Incorrect tyre pressure
– Mixing tyre types
– Extreme temperatures and conditions
– Vehicle weight/load

Every Factor That Can Impact Vehicle Tyre Service Life tyres


The human factors are the ones which occur as a result of the motorist’s actions (or lack of actions). There are many to be aware of, including:

– Failure to routinely examine tyres for damage
– Failure to check the tyre tread depth
– Failing to maintain the correct tyre pressure
– Aggressive driving style
– Carrying out repairs yourself
– Not balancing tyres after they are replaced
– Fitting tyres that do not have a speed capability and load index equal or higher to manufacturer specifications
– Using summer tyres in winter conditions

Due to the many factors that can affect a tyre’s service life, it is impossible to predict how long a tyre will last for. Many recommend tyres are changed every 6 years while others state that they can last a decade, but the key is to maintain them as a motorist and to keep an eye out for signs of damage.


Therefore, motorists should get into the habit of checking their tyres on a regular basis, especially during the winter months and/or before setting off on a long drive. This should involve physically examining the tyres and looking for splits, cracks and bulges and using the 20p test to check the tyre tread depth – 1.3mm is the legal minimum, but it is recommended that you have at least 3mm. Additionally, motorists need to know what the recommended tyre pressure is and keep the tyres topped up to the recommended level.

With so many factors that can impact the vehicle tyre service life, it is important that motorists are aware of what these factors are along with what action they can take to maintain and protect their tyres as well as when the tyre will need replacing. In addition to making sure that the car is safe to drive, this can also improve the efficiency of the vehicle and could help you to make savings in the long-term.


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