Things to look for when choosing a HGV training provider


If you’re looking into becoming an HGV driver, you’ll first need to complete the appropriate HGV training and earn the licence you need to drive HGVs professionally. 

Training is a big step and could affect how quickly you become a HGV driver, or how competently you perform behind the wheel. That’s why it’s always advisable to choose a reputable, reliable HGV training provider to learn the skills you need to succeed in your new career.

So if you’re considering becoming an HGV driver, here are a few things you should look out for when browsing HGV training providers.

What to look for when choosing a HGV training provider

Experienced training staff

When you’re learning any new skill, it’s always beneficial to be shown the ropes by someone who has been there and done the job personally. Not only that, but it helps if they have numerous years of experience under their belt, so they can perhaps impart wisdom they learned that goes beyond any guidebook.

Being taught by experienced HGV drivers will give you not just the skills you need to carry out the job to all legal standards, but also the confidence that you’ll be able to handle any scenario the open road throws at you.

Positive reviews

Online reviews are one of the best ways to gauge the effectiveness of any training provider in any area of expertise, or any business in general. Resources like TrustPilot, Google reviews and Facebook reviews have made it easier than ever to voice our opinions so others can make an informed and educated decision.

When you are seeking an HGV training provider, always take the time to read any reviews that have been left by previous learners. You don’t need to read every single review – more often than not, users can leave star ratings (or similar) which will give you a clearer indication of their experiences with the training provider without needing to trawl through hundreds of reviews individually.

Having said that, reading through at least a couple of lengthier reviews from start to finish could offer a deeper understanding of the training process and the quality of the service, so you can decide on that training provider or move on to another. Either way, always choose an HGV training provider with plenty of positive, 5-star reviews if you want the best training experience possible.

Local training facilities

If you need to travel endless miles to receive the quality training you need, the distance may begin to affect your ability to onboard the information included in your sessions, or it may put you off applying entirely.

Whereas, if your chosen training provider is based locally to you, or if they have multiple training sites scattered across the country, this gives you the option to attend training without a strenuous commute, increasing your chances of the information within your training sinking in quickly.

Finance options

Not everyone can afford to pay for an HGV training course outright and in advance, which puts a lot of people off applying in the first place. However, with training providers that offer finance options, learners have the chance to spread the cost of their training over several months, breaking the overall figure down into easy-to-manage chunks, so they can complete their training without worrying about the impact on their bank account.

Before you settle on a training provider, enquire about the finance options they offer (if any) if this is of interest to you. Relieving yourself of the stress and financial burden of making a large payment upfront will only benefit your studies.

A range of courses

While learning to drive HGVs may be your main intention, it’s always a good sign if HGV training providers offer multiple different courses you could take advantage of to further widen your skillset, if you so choose.

For example, once you’ve earned your HGV licence, you may wish to continue your studies and broaden your horizons to include driving such vehicles as ambulances, horseboxes, or other unique vehicles that require their own dedicated training.

Offering multiple courses is often a sign that a training provider is very experienced and dedicated and that their training staff can provide insight into a multitude of skills, which could come in handy as your career progresses.

Choose a reputable and reliable HGV training provider

Whichever provider you end up choosing, be sure that they have a solid reputation for providing exceptional HGV training and are reliable in delivering the type of training you need in a reasonable timeframe, so you can get out on the road and start earning an impressive wage as quickly as possible.


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