5 Things a Cosmetic Dentist Can Do For You

5 Things a Cosmetic Dentist Can Do For You

The days of cosmetic dentistry being exclusively for the rich, young and privileged are gone. Competition and demand means there is now a cosmetic dentistry service for every budget and every age.

People who are insecure about their smile because of misshapen, crooked, discoloured or gappy teeth today have plenty of good options to restore their smile and once again face the day with a new confidence.

A top cosmetic dentist, like Yorkshire-based Dr Fahad Khan will take time to understand each individual patient’s needs before tailoring treatment around their goals and budget. He transforms smiles and documents his ‘before and afters’ on his Instagram page @fahaddentist, this has amassed him a loyal following on social media where patients also get an insight into his personality.

He says: “A good smile has been voted in the top three most attractive features and it also makes you look healthy and youthful.”

It’s a process that Dr Khan sees change patients’ lives on a daily basis: “It is so rewarding to see my patients, who may have previously not even smiled with their teeth at all, then upload beaming confident smiles on to social media.”

With this in mind, we’ve looked at five key services that a cosmetic dentist could offer you, so you can then get on with your first consultation.

5 Things a Cosmetic Dentist Can Do For You client

Dr Fahad Khan with a client

Teeth Straightening

Crooked or misaligned teeth can be adjusted using a virtually invisible brace called Invisalign. Custom made and easily removed (for brushing, eating etc) the process can bring about a dramatic and remarkable change of appearance.

Teeth Whitening

This incredibly popular process, where teeth are safely bleached to make them whiter, is very affordable. Teeth can become discoloured due to tobacco use, tea and coffee drinking or taking in other dark coloured foods. This resolves those issues by lifting the shade of the teeth in weeks.

Composite Bonding

This non-invasive procedure utilises a tooth-coloured filling material to the front of teeth to reshape them and enhance the brightness. Remarkably it’s a process that can give clients a new smile in three hours. Composite bonding can also repair fractures or chips.

Ceramic Crowns

Crowns (or caps) are where porcelain is used to cover over the teeth, to improve their appearance and also protect them. Often combined together they can result in a stunning transformation of both the shape, size and colour of teeth.

5 Things a Cosmetic Dentist Can Do For You fahad

Dr Khan inside his practise

Dental Implants

Missing teeth or gaps are often very noticeable, but dental implants in reading can fill or replace these spaces. Ceramic teeth can be seamlessly implanted under local anaesthetic, filling the smile and replacing any gaps.


While these are the top five cosmetic dental treatments, a good cosmetic dentist will offer others and some will be able to offer a combined package for an entire smile makeover – a service that Dr Fahad Khan says is most popular with people who have a major life event coming up, such as a landmark birthday, wedding or holiday.

Whatever you need, your cosmetic dentist should be prepared to go the extra mile, as Dr Fahad explains: “Patients come to me because I have an excellent reputation, passion and relentless pursuit to deliver the best transformations. I take several steps to do more. One example is a 3D scanner camera I use to discuss areas we can improve on screen at the first consultation.
“My main goal is to understand the causes of concern for the patient so I can change not only their smile but their confidence as a result.”

For more information you can reach Dr Fahad on his website: fahaddentist.com or view his social media here: instagram.com/fahaddentist
He currently works in Sheffield at Portman Dental & Implant clinic and is soon to be expanding to Leeds.


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