Playing Online Bingo — why do Brits Love it so Much?


Brits fell in love with bingo a long time ago and they continue to fully enjoy the game in land-based parlors. Now that it is also available over the Internet, they have a new avenue for enjoying the excitement of a social game. Recent numbers highlight the fact that brick-and-mortar locations continue to generate more income than online counterparts. This is likely to change in the years to come, especially with the pandemic changing the manner in which players interact with each other.

A national pastime goes online

British players have always regarded bingo as a way to interact with each other, more than a standard form of gambling. They enjoy the low stakes games and don’t mind competing for pennies, as long as they can interact with each other. That’s why it took so long for them to switch from brick-and-mortar venues to their online counterparts. As Internet bingo rooms provided them with the tools to interact with each other and celebrate the social nature of the game, all these hesitations were put away.

Playing online bingo is fun but can also be a little bit risky if you are a newbie to the games. You should always use the top list of bingo sites online that have been reviewed by verified players. The live chat feature enables players to talk to each other before, during and after the game. The common phrases used by bingo callers are not lost when playing online, as players frequently utter them in the chat rooms. Veteran punters who got familiar with such expressions find great pleasure in using them and regard them as instruments for keeping the game fun and casual. This doesn’t mean that money can’t be won and there were many instances of jackpots being claimed.

Playing Online Bingo — why do Brits Love it so Much?

Everyone loves online bingo

Back in the day when bingo was played exclusively in land-based locations, a significant percentage of players were women. They continue to dominate the market and that’s one thing that makes bingo stand out from the crowd. Compared to other games of chance, especially card games and poker, bingo isn’t dominated by men and most of the players are women. Since the transition was made to the online environment, the lines were blurred — and a lot of men enjoy the game.

When we look at bingo demographics, not only gender, but also age and background come into play. Young and old players enjoy the game just as much and have no problem in navigating the online landscape. Smartphones and tablets have brought the games to the fingertips of British players and they are now used more than computers for online gambling. Whether they choose to enjoy bingo straight in the browser or through a dedicated app, players from the UK enjoy a secure gaming experience.

Speaking of safety, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission has the merit of keeping bingo games fun and secure. The regulator makes sure that those who provide real money games to British players treat them fairly and don’t have a crushing house edge.


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