5 Things You Can Do To Settle Into Your New Home

5 Things You Can Do To Settle Into Your New Home main

Moving house is often described as one of the most stressful life events. The stress of having to pack up your entire life and then get settled in a new place can be anxiety-inducing. This is why it is important to find ways to help you settle into your new home. Making yourself at home is going to be the best way to feel less anxious and you can start to live your life. Moving may be stressful but going into a new home should also be considered an exciting experience. So, if you have a big move planned, then keep on reading to find out our tips on how you can settle into your new home.

Unpack Straight Away

One of the first things you should do when you move house is to unpack straight away. There is no quicker way to make you feel at home than by having all your home comforts around you. Although you will be in a new house, you still want your house to have all your personal belongings, so make sure you unpack as soon as you move. Things like unpacking kitchen supplies will be extremely helpful as it means at the end of the long day you can make yourself a nice cup of tea to unwind. Additionally, unpacking means you can get rid of all the unnecessary boxes, which can clutter up your house and make it feel untidy. If you find unpacking difficult, then perhaps it would be a good idea to make a list of things to unpack, so you have a bit of guidance.

Make Your Bed

Another helpful tip for settling into your new home is to make your bed. When you get into your new place, be sure to go into your new room and make your bed. That way, when you are exhausted from the stressful day, you have a lovely cosy bed to settle down in. The last thing you want to be doing is faffing around with bed sheets after a long day of moving boxes. If you really wanted to treat yourself, then why not buy some fresh bedding from Absolute Home Textiles, as this will give you a cosier night’s sleep. Moving in somewhere new doesn’t mean you have to keep hold of all your old stuff, so it could be a fun idea to buy some fresh bedding, so you can settle in more to your new home.

5 Things You Can Do To Settle Into Your New Home

Sort Out All the Paperwork

Another important thing you need to do when moving into your new place is to sort out all the paperwork. This is probably the least exciting bit of moving somewhere new, but it doesn’t make it any less important. Things like switching over your bills, internet, and address to important documents are essential when you move, so make sure you get that sorted quickly. It will be far better for you to get it all out the way first of all as it means you can then get on with the fun stuff. The last thing you need is to be two weeks into the new place and not have any internet connection or to not have your bank card registered to the right address. So, just take an hour or so when you move in to sort out all the boring paperwork and it will help you settle in.


Moving in somewhere new gives you the perfect opportunity to redecorate. What better way to settle into your new place and make your house a home than by decorating. The great thing about being somewhere new is that you get to start from scratch, and you can decorate however you want. Perhaps start by making a plan for each room as this will help you organise your time and how you are going to proceed with the decorating. Start with having a think about the colour scheme and how you can make your house look fresh and homely. Not only this but putting up some artwork is a very simple way you can make your house feel more welcoming.

Have A Signature Scent

If you are the type of person who has lots of candles and incense, then a good way to make your new place feel like home is to have your signature scent in your new home. The sense of smell is very powerful, and we use our sense of smell for a lot of associations. So, if your old place smelt of a particular candle, then why not bring it into your new place so you can have a sense of familiarity. Or, if you really wanted to start fresh, then perhaps invest in a different scent that can represent your new home.


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