How the West Was Won by Peter Perrett – Album Review

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by Paul Howard

Some may recall Peter Perrett from his Only Ones days (‘Another Girl, Another Planet’). But since then, except for erratic and fragile appearances, he’s been MIA. Now he’s back, drug-free, and optimistic, with his first solo album.

peter perrett how the west was won album review coverBacked by a tight band, it includes his two sons on guitar and bass. Despite the decades of hard-living, the songwriting is polished, with languid melodies, skillful arrangements and perfect couplets. And time hasn’t changed his slightly fey south London vocal phrasing either.


Every cut is a gem, from the opening ‘How The West Was Won’ through to the closing emotional epic, ‘Take Me Home’. Along the way there are paens of love for his wife of fifty years, Xena, threesomes, tales of drug addiction and wry observations of life.

If that sounds like a downer, far from it, this is uplifting and inspiring stuff full of humour, and witty asides. My album of the year so far. Peter Perrett is a National Treasure.


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