Best Presents for the Boss: 2020 Guide

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There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect gift for your boss, from corporate politics to how well you know them outside of work.

If the boss talks a lot about any of his or her hobbies and interests, giving a gift related to this topic is appropriate, so you should not limit yourself to traditional business gifts.

We have compiled a list of the ten best gift ideas that might be adapted for different occasions.

Best Presents for the Boss 2020 Guide 3d

3D Crystals by ArtPix 3D

A 3D crystal photo crafted with a laser-etching method is a more elegant alternative to traditional “who’s the boss,” “best boss ever,” “big boss,” mugs, tees, and other souvenirs.

Uploading any photo of your boss or team with any words and wishes, you can easily order unique crystals online, choosing from different crystal types and shapes at ArtPix 3D.

Such a personalized present is a memorable and stylish way to show your respect and appreciation.

Best Presents for the Boss 2020 Guide bag

Stylish Travel Bag

Those whose work involves frequent business trips, a high-quality leather travel bag, sports bag, or handbag are suitable as gifts.

And in everyday life, such a compact but roomy bag can be used for going to the gym – storing their gym clothes, personal hygiene items, gadgets, and special equipment for training. A stylish bag is the best gift for both men and women who regularly live according to the “home – office” scenario.

Best Presents for the Boss 2020 Guide bike

Smart Bike Helmet

If your boss is concerned about climate change and rides a bike regularly, get him or her a smart helmet for safe riding. Such bicycle accessories are equipped with lights that warn other road users about the cyclist’s turns.

Best Presents for the Boss 2020 Guide gifts

Portable Speaker

Does your boss love music, such as rock and roll classics? Then he or she will love the portable speaker by Marshall. This speaker is a modern rethink of the original speaker system with stunning and incredible Blumlein stereo effect.

Wherever the speaker is located relative to the listener, in whatever environment it is working, music is perceived 360°. The speaker system is free of wires and cables, can operate on a single charge up to twenty hours, and its stylish design will leave no one indifferent.

Best Presents for the Boss 2020 Guide glasses

VR Headsets or VR Glasses

Developers are still testing virtual reality opportunities. More and more games are getting VR support, and VR headsets owners are getting new experiences.

In recent years, broadcasting of key IT events, forums, and training programs for VR headsets has become a rather fashionable trend, so this gadget is not only an excellent opportunity to expand the capabilities of a game console.

Best Presents for the Boss 2020 Guide books


Books make the best gifts, and a modern business person who never stops learning will appreciate such a present.
Publishers annually delight us with bestsellers in business, self-development, planning, time-management, etc.

A biography of your boss’s business idol or famous historical biography, professional literature related to your area of work, and quality literature on psychology and philosophy can also be a tremendous inspiring gift.

Best Presents for the Boss 2020 Guide coffee

Coffee Brewing Gear

There is no such thing as “too much coffee accessories” for alternative coffee lovers since they usually try new, unusual coffee brewing methods.

Brewing pots, pour-over drippers, siphon, French press, Aeropress coffee makers, filter bottles, cold brew equipment, hand grinders, press coffee equipment, unique kettles, etc. plenty of other things will always come in handy for a real coffee geek.

Best Presents for the Boss 2020 Guide plant

Indoor Plant

An indoor plant is always a great present, either for home or office space.

Such plants as Sansevieria, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, Dracaena, or Ficus Benjamina are trendy for the workplace. They are not only famous for their air-cleaning features but also they look stylish and are also nearly impossible to kill.

Another smart option is a vertical garden, meaning the composition of different plants, often moss and succulent, fixed onto the wall.

Best Presents for the Boss 2020 Guide signs

Creative Neon Sign

Neon signs are an up-to-date and trendy way to decorate an office interior with a bright accent.

To prepare a unique and exciting present, you should better order a customized item for your boss. For example, you can request a neon sign based on your company logo, some other meaningful symbol or image, or your boss’s life motto or some motivational words of wisdom.

Best Presents for the Boss 2020 Guide charity

Charitable Donations as Gifts

Unfortunately, not all gifts can be called useful, and spending money on them is often unreasonable. But many charities offer postcards, T-shirts, and other souvenirs, the proceeds of which will go to help those in need or support environmental and social initiatives.

A charitable donation on his or her behalf would be a perfect gift idea for a minimalist boss who already has what he or she needs and who loves to help others.

You can browse the list of charities in your state or city and choose something to your liking. Also, many global organizations (like Greenpeace or WWF) offer unique gift cards for this purpose.


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