5 Great Tips to Sell Any Home, Fast

5 Great Tips to Sell Any Home, Fast main

With the economy fluctuating wildly and housing market prices doing the same depending on the individual market, there are an increasing number of people evaluating whether or not to sell their existing homes. The process of selling a home is arduous; between regulations and paperwork, fees and home showings, it can be quite difficult to successfully locate a buyer and execute the transaction in an expedient fashion.

For those seeking to sell their homes quickly, there are a number of recommendations and tips that should be considered. Ultimately, embracing these tactics can make the difference between selling a home in weeks versus selling a home in months. In today’s uncertain economic climate, selling a home quickly is a critical goal for many.

As such, let’s look at 5 quick tips that can help you sell a home more quickly.

Enlist a Fast Property Sale Company

Not every home owner has the luxury of waiting months to sell their home. For a variety of reasons, a quick sale is sometimes needed. Whether it is to cover medical expenses, downsize or avoid mortgage repossession, a quick sale is sometimes required rather than preferred.

In situations such as these, using a fast property sale company can be a quick and easy blessing. Companies such as FastBuy Properties provide home owners with a simple three-step process that provides a valuation of the property, a specific time at which the agreement will be accepted, and the transfer of funds to their bank accounts. Providing fast property sales in Aberdeen and throughout Scotland, FastBuy Properties is one example of companies that can provide you with a quick sale.

Renovate Common Interior Elements

How a home looks can have a huge impact, not just on its selling price, but the overall speed at which it sells. Even a home that is structurally sound can suffer from prolonged periods on the market if select elements appear aging or outdated. As such, one of the simplest tasks that can increase the speed at which your home sells, is to invest in renovating common interior elements.

Replacing old carpets or outdated flooring can provide an immense boost in both value and appeal. A fresh coat of paint on the walls will liven up any room and make it naturally more appealing than an outdated, faded paint job from years or even decades prior. Various fixtures (such as taps, lighting elements and ceiling fans) can boost natural aesthetics in select rooms when replaced.

Ultimately, these low-effort renovations and replacements can not only help speed up the rate at which your home sells, but will usually be recouped in the form of a slightly higher asking price.

5 Great Tips to Sell Any Home, Fast keys

Focus on Kerb Appeal

The look of your home matters – and not just what’s on the inside. The exterior of your home can have a huge impact on how quickly it sells. Whether it be passers-by who notice your home and its for-sale sign, or people browsing photos online, kerb appeal cannot be ignored.

Simple improvements such as repainting or replacing the front door, giving a fresh coat of paint to aging windows, adding some shrubbery to the front of the home and along walkways, or repairing broken elements such as fences and gates can have an outsized impact on buyer persuasion. By making such improvements, home owners can ensure their properties are represented optimally regardless of how prospective buyers first encounter the home.

Maximise the Allure of Photos

A picture may speak a thousand words, but a great picture of your home can say so much more. In today’s world of instant gratification, a large percentage of prospective home buyers predominantly shop for homes online before making any commitment. In the UK, more than 95 percent of home shoppers start their searches online.

Arguably, the biggest way in which to make an impact via online listings is to ensure every photo of your home’s interior and exterior is optimised for appeal. Some common recommendations include decluttering rooms, ensuring sufficient lighting, showing optimal angles for room inspection and feature multiple photos of each common room from different perspectives.

Enlisting the services of a professional real estate photographer can also be an excellent investment.

Utilise Social Media

With more than 3.5 billion people worldwide using social media, it is not surprising that this broader platform has influence over virtually every facet of life. What may not be well-known is that an increasing number of home owners are using these platforms to sell their properties.

Those in the market for a home are more likely to trust recommendations or listings from people they know. Anybody seeking to sell a home quickly that has a following of friends on social media can use these outlets to advertise their properties for free and potentially cultivate additional leads.

End result: more attention for your home means a likely faster turnaround time on selling it.

Selling a home is difficult, but spending aeons trying to sell it isn’t mandatory. With these simple tips, home owners can maximise their chances of selling their homes quickly and with fewer worries.


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