Roll up, Roll up… Your Sunday Roast: The New Culinary Trend of “on-the-go” Roast Dinners

York Roast Company Yorkshire Puddings

Revealing the New Culinary Trend of “on-the-go” Roast Dinners

The Sunday roast, and specifically the Yorkshire pudding, plays an important role in most British weekends. Whether the meal is prepared by your mother, or you prefer a classic pub setting, it’s a meal we all hold close to our hearts.

There are plenty of pubs and restaurants in Yorkshire that offer excellent Sunday lunches. The roast dinner is notorious for taking hours to prepare and plates being piled high. However, nowadays, the classic Sunday lunch is not solely reserved for the Sabbath, and new culinary trends are making the roast quick and compact. In Yorkshire, a new lunchtime dining option has appeared – the on-the-go roast dinner. To be eaten mid-week, afternoon or evening, there are no rules to this trend, but, there is still a whole lot of tradition.

A twist on a British classic

The York Roast Company has revolutionised both the Yorkshire pudding and the sandwich with one fell-swoop. The new YorkyPud wrap combines all the favourite roast dinner components in a handy compact wrap. What is it? And how does it work? First, you choose the meat, whether it’s pork, turkey, ham or beef, the shop offers something for everyone’s tastes. Next, the roast dinner trimmings and meat are rolled in a Yorkshire pudding. This on-the-go, twist on the British classic has taken the lunchtime rush by storm in York, with customers queuing round the block for the YorkyPud’s launch. If you’re not heading into town and you don’t want to stand in line waiting, York Roast Co now deliver, and so you can enjoy the entire menu from the comfort of your own home.

Rustic sandwiches

The Shambles Kitchen, in York, is known for its “from scratch” rustic sandwiches. The Shambles is one of the UK’s most famous tourist streets. Dating as far back as the 14th century, the street is right in the city centre, is home to a variety of local shops, cafés and pubs and is extremely popular with visitors from all over the world. The Shambles Kitchen is found at the heart of this historic hub, and so is a great option for first-time visitors and locals alike.

Family run and fast paced, it is extremely popular at lunch time – selling out of baps most days. Their Pulled Pork and Shambles Reuben sandwiches are bursting with mouth-watering takes on the roast dinner. The latter contains home-made brisket, which apparently takes two weeks to prepare, but only two minutes to devour! Likewise, the pulled pork is slow cooked for ten hours and is served in a sourdough bun with Apple BBQ sauce. The lengthy preparation process of the meat roasting in this shop allows for a simple, quick, yet delicious lunch. It’s also reasonably priced, locally sourced and can be delivered – and so there’s no excuse for not trying giving their sandwiches a go.

Yorkshire is the home of the Yorkshire pudding, and York is renowned for its exciting and varied eateries. It’s no wonder the on-the-move roast dinner is doing so well in the region.


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