Why Bitcoin Won’t Go Away

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You’ve heard or read that Bitcoin has been through near-death experiences during its lifetime. However, this virtual currency bounces back to more robust and more popular. Also, the Bitcoin economy continues to grow as more people buy and invest in it. The number of activities revolving around Bitcoin has increased globally since its introduction as the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

But what makes some crypto enthusiasts and experts so confident that Bitcoin won’t eventually go away? Here are signs that Bitcoin is here to stay.

More People Are Purchasing and Investing in Bitcoin

Platforms like Bitcoin Revolution continue to receive more users seeking to purchase this cryptocurrency. These digital platforms allow people and businesses to register and convert fiat money into Bitcoins. Perhaps, you can read more from here about stock, crypto, and asset trades app to register and start buying Bitcoin too.

Nevertheless, widespread Bitcoin acceptance has prompted more people to purchase and hold this digital currency in their crypto wallets. Some people even buy Bitcoins and use them for international transactions. That’s because Bitcoin transactions are cheaper and cheaper than conventional payments.

More People Are Embracing Bitcoin

A primary concern for most Bitcoin enthusiasts was the complexity of Bitcoin transactions. Some people thought many people lacked the know-how to use this virtual currency. Consequently, some merchants didn’t accept Bitcoin at first. Also, Bitcoin enthusiasts had challenges receiving and transferring their Bitcoins.

However, the emergence of more easy-to-use crypto wallets and exchanges has changed this. Today, individuals can purchase, sell, spend, and save Bitcoins. Bitcoin ATMs and crypto credit cards also make transacting with Bitcoin easier.

At its heart, Bitcoin is a currency. Therefore, some people prefer using it due to its efficiency and low transaction fees than fiat money. Also, some people purchase and hold Bitcoin as an investment. Nevertheless, receiving and transferring Bitcoin is now easier for most people.

Why Bitcoin Won’t Go Away

Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance has gained prominence around the world. Bitcoin’s underlying technology, blockchain, allows developers to create financial applications that replicate offerings likely to appear in different economic sectors. Large banks are looking for ways to use Bitcoin’s underlying technology. And all these developments follow the increasing Bitcoin’s popularity.

Currently, decentralized finance has almost $10 billion, with customers receiving yield without waiting for traditional trading hours and uncountable service provisions. And this proves that Bitcoin’s underlying technology has real-world uses.

Corporate Adoption

Large financial institutions and other corporations have also bought Bitcoin. Sofi and Robinhood are some of the brokerages that offer cryptocurrency trading. Also, large institutions are adopting Bitcoin because they see its potential.

Some of the large companies adopting Bitcoin include MicroStrategy and Square. While some of these companies don’t buy Bitcoin directly, they have invested in it because they see its potential. Companies like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley plan to start Bitcoin investments for wealth management customers.

Global Trends

Recent trends have shown that the world needs Bitcoin. For instance, COVID-19 transformed digital behaviors globally, accelerating the 10-year evolution into a one-year of 2020. Perhaps, social engagements through digital tools and work-from-home outcomes show the need for applicable innovation.

Many economies suffered the impact of the pandemic, with conventional assets’ returns plummeting. On the other hand, the Bitcoin price increased to a new all-time high price during the pandemic. That’s because most investors saw it as an alternative investment.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve always seen Bitcoin as a passing cloud, think again. This virtual currency has proven several times that it’s going nowhere. While it remains volatile, relatively unregulated, and risky, its value has increased over the years. What’s more, its acceptance among traders, investors, and merchants has risen. And all these signs show that Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


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