Texas – Live Review – Scarborough Open Air Theatre

Texas Scarborough 2018

By @Steve Crabtree, August 2018

We were spoiled with great music in the Nineties. The Britpop/Indie era brought us some of the best music the nation has ever produced, whilst bombarding us with a multitude of incredible bands.

Scottish band Texas were part of that scene, and released some memorable tunes. And Scarborough Open Air Theatre were lucky enough to host them recently, as their strong summer season continues.

Texas Scarborough 2018

“Looking the business”

Led by the iconic Sharleen Spiteri, the band came on stage looking the business. And things kicked off nicely with ‘I Don’t Want A Lover’, one of Texas’ biggest and best songs. The mood was already set.  They sounded as amazing as they ever did, and the energy in the crowd was very high.

‘Summer Son’ and ‘Halo’ quickly followed, and it soon dawned on us that Texas didn’t just have a few songs you remember. They brought out loads of good, solid records that you just needed reminding about.

And Spiteri was on good form. She’s still got the same voice (crystal clear, live) and she’s brings an entertaining, sarcastic wit with her too. That goes down well with the crowd.

Now that the roasting summer weather seems to be a memory, we were quite lucky with the weather. Showers that were forecast seemed to hold off, and as the days get shorter the dark sets in sooner. Which is great for Scarborough Open Air Theatre, because the place really comes alive when then lights take effect.

Texas Scarborough 2018

“Full of life and energy”

We were enjoying a brilliant gig. I knew I was going to like Texas, but they’d really got a hold on me tonight. ‘When We Are Together’ and ‘In Our Lifetime’ were superb, as was the cover version of Al Green’s ‘So Tired Of Being Alone’.  The audience were singing along to every word, and Texas were absolutely rocking the place.

And they were ready to crank it up a notch. My favourite Texas song ‘Black Eyed Boy’ was my favourite tune of the night, and ‘Inner Smile’ – a tune I’d forgotten they did – made you want the gig not to end.

Signing out with ‘Say What You Want’, Texas left the stage temporarily before returning to do a final song. Covering ‘Suspicious Minds’ for the encore. It was a nice touch, and Texas had reminded us just how good they were. And still are.

Texas in Scarborought were proof, if it were needed, that bands in the nineties were incredible. Talented and strong. And the fact the songs Texas gave us are as good today as they were 23 years ago is testament to the era. And to Spiteri and her band.

Another fantastic show at Scarborough. Prompting me, once again, to download the albums of a group who’ve blown me away.

Images: Cuffe & Taylor, and Steve Crabtree


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