Alfie Templeman – Live Review – Leeds Brudenell Social Club

Alfie Templeman Live Review Leeds Brudenell Social Club

By Graham Clark, March 2022

Arriving to a gig early can bring benefits – such as seeing a new artist you have never seen before. Liverpool singer/songwriter Pixey has the charm and presence on stage that belies her young years, plus the songs to match her confidence.

Appearing like she has studied countless pop videos, every move looked like it had been well practised as she wore an infectious grin. ‘Just Move’ sounded like a future hit, though whether she would be better without her band and concentrated on being a solo artist along the lines of Dua Lipa is open to debate.

Alfie Templeman on the other hand seemed to relish being part of a band. His singles to date do not really prepare you for his live show. His mainly female fanbase, though, seems to be growing immensely.

As he arrived on stage to perform ‘Shady’ it was hard to believe that he has yet to release a full album as Templeman appeared to have the confidence and assurance of a seasoned performer.

Alfie Templeman Live Review Leeds Brudenell Social Club pixey

Support to Alfie Templeman at Leeds Brudenell, Pixey

“Fever pitch”

There were plenty of future hits in his set: ‘Candy Floss’ received its live debut on the current tour, as did ‘Mellow Moon’, the title track of the soon to be released album.

The band all gel together and it felt like you were watching an act that is set for the bigger stages. Naturally the tracks that have already been released such as ‘Obvious Guy’ and ‘3D Feelings’ were greeted like long lost friends.

Surprisingly his new single ‘Broken’ was met with indifference by the Leeds audience despite the track being one of his best – it deserved a better response. This is the track to break him out to the wider audience that he so rightly deserves.

Thankfully ‘Happiness In Liquid Form’ was met with the ubiquitous mosh pit, with Templeman even leaping from the stage to join in. Here, the energy in the room reached fever pitch with Templeman giving a knowing smile as he clambered back on to the stage.

On this performance, Templeman will not be down in the pit much longer, mainstream success beckons,. To paraphrase one of his tracks, it could not happen to a more Obvious Guy.


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