Panic of Girls by Blondie – Album Review

panic of girls blondie logo album review

by Matt Callard

Blondie were the perfect group. Pop, rock, disco, punk, reggae. Glamour and grit. Sexual allure and sexual power. Melodic expertise. Endless cool. Accessibility and artiness. Great, great songs.

panic of girls blondie reviewTheir 90’s comeback was welcomed, especially as it was trailered by the joyful ‘Maria’ and their festival appearances were deserved celebrations for a classic band finally getting their dues.

“Not resting on old glories”

To their credit they’re certainly not resting on old glories with Panic of Girls, their all-new 9th studio album, but there’s nothing here to match the skills of their heyday.

At least haunting closer ‘China Shoes’ reveals an intriguing possible future pathway for the band.


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