A Spanner in the Works by Beans on Toast – Album Review

a spanner in the works beans on toast album review

by Matt Callard

Another December 1st birthday for erstwhile drunk, political commentator and folk stalwart Jay McAllister can only mean one thing: another Beans on Toast album.

A Spanner in the Works marks the eighth consecutive year he’s released an album on the date. This one ups the beat quota, adds horns, a bit of Chas and Dave-style rockney, a dollop of oompah and even one slightly woozy a capella effort (‘Money For War’). Eclecticism reigns as, indeed, we’ve come to expect.

a spanner in the works beans on toast review“Reveals a hitherto suppressed cynicism”

‘Beautiful Alice’ channels Billy Bragg at his most tender, ‘Let the Fat Lady Sing’ echoes ‘Loser’-era Beck while stand-out track ‘It’s Only Natural’ is a tender hymn to the pleasures of weed (the smoking variety, not the gardening variety).

‘2016’ documents this year’s early glut of celebrity deaths against Brexit’s political upheaval, revealing a hitherto suppressed cynicism in the process: “Self-righteous, self-serving twats / Telling us we want our country back”.

There’s still something one-note in the delivery though. Something a little too melody-phobic. But fans will love it and his live shows are always worth the ticket price.


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