A Walk in Warren House Park & Campsall Country Park, Askern, Doncaster

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Great community space for leisure and home to many species of wildlife

Best for: Families will enjoy the playground and sports pitches.

You’ll be surprised: To find such a variety of wildlife in the wildflower meadows.

Why you should visit: Warren House Park is a great place for families, with a playground, skatepark, basketball area and grass sports pitches. There’s also a fantastic woodland, planted by volunteers, and wildflower meadows.

Warren House Park & Campsall country park walk scene

A much-loved and beautiful park, the perfect spot to walk, play and relax. This is a relaxing two-hour walk, with lots of wildlife to see, passing through woods and fields and by a lake. This route will take around 2 hours, and is 3.1 miles / 5.1kms.

1. Starting at Hilton Street car park, enter the park through the A-frame at the top of Hilton Street and go straight on towards the Water Tower. When you reach the trees, after approximately 10m, turn right along the Woodland Walk. Emerge into Warren House Park and turn left to the Land Trust sign. Continue across the grass alongside the trees and bear right to join a more established path. Go down the steps and turn right.

2. Pass through the barrier, turn right alongside the backs of the houses and re-enter the park through an A-frame. Continue to cross Green Lane, pass through the barrier and turn right through the centre of the playground.

“Fantastic woodland and wildflower meadows”

3. After the playground, take the second path on the left, past the seat, and turn right past the basketball hoop. Keep straight on left of the litter bin and turn left at the junction alongside the trees. The tarmac soon gives way to a natural path. Pass through the A-frame and left along the road.

4. Bear right at the junction but do not leave the park at the gate. Instead turn sharp left back into the wood, following a ditch on your right. At the end, turn right to the stile, go on for 20m then turn left to another stile. Cross the middle of the large field and pass through the centre of the wood. Leave the wood at the large boulder and continue along the left-hand edge of the green space. Continue across the middle of the field and pass under the right-hand wires and continue to a gap in the trees by another pole. The path through the trees is a few metres to the right of this. This brings you back into the park. Turn right then left in 50m, curving away from the sports pitches alongside housing.

5. Keep straight on then double back left at the litter to return to the car park or bus stops.

3.1 miles/5.1km
Approximately 2 hours at
a leisurely pace.
6,545 steps

Warren House Park & Campsall country park walk map

Opening hours: All year round
FREE entrance
Car parking: No
Toilets: No
Café: No, perfect for picnics
Dogs: No
Accessibility: No formal footpaths and narrow paths in places.

Walk courtesy of The Land Trust – follow them on Twitter or Facebook


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