Profitable Christmas Business Ideas to Start in 2021

Profitable Christmas Business Ideas to Start in 2021 photo

Parents tell their children to make a long list for Santa Clause. Once upon a time, you were also a child who excitedly rushed towards the Christmas tree every year.

As an adult, you find it challenging to make a wish list—especially this year since everything has been unpredictable because of the pandemic.

However, don’t let the bad things get you down because there are good things still out there in the world. And Christmas is a time of giving, love, hope, and change.

If you’re low on cash and have some spare time, why not embrace the spirit of giving and look into starting a side business this Christmas?

Here are four Christmas Business ideas to consider!

Photography Business

Have people told you that you have an eye for photography? Or do they always hand you the camera to take pictures because they trust you?

It might seem that you’re a good photographer, and you can use that skill to your advantage.

During Christmas, many families head to the mall or go to a photographer to get their picture taken.

You can talk to the floor manager of the mall in your area to see if you can have a photography stand. It won’t cost you much to print out a giant cardboard cut-out of Santa and reindeers.

Sometimes having a limited budget can lead to more creative ideas.

Alternatively, you can use social media to post pictures and boost your followers by having friends or family help you spread the word around.

Gift Basket Business

Many families can’t gather as much as before due to pandemic restrictions. That’s why they prefer to send gift baskets instead.

If you’re particularly good at wrapping gifts and designing baskets, then try your hand at gift baskets. You can start by including Christmas cards, bell-shaped chocolate, and colorful sweets, anything that can easily be bought and not fragile for travel reasons.

Look into Pinterest for gift basket ideas and save the ones you like to try them yourself.

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Coffee Business

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, then winter can get pretty cold. And people would love to keep themselves warm by chugging some coffee. Making standard coffee is a fast way to earn money since you won’t require too many ingredients.

You don’t have to buy a shop where you can use your car instead! Buy a coffee machine and some disposable and recyclable cups to serve people.

You can also put a small stand in front of the car to attract customers or dress up in a Santa costume and cheer them up with coffee.

Catering Business

What’s more wholesome than oven-baked cookies?

If you’ve been mastering your cooking skills during the pandemic, then it’s high time to get something started. Catering is a lucrative business when you know what kind of foods attract the majority of customers.

And it all comes down to figuring out the right balance of dishes that create loyal customers and drive profits.

Many catering businesses start with small, easy-to-make snacks and then expand to more complex dishes. If you want to grow your business, remember to keep track of your costs and profits.

It can get messy if people tell you that they’ll pay you next time, but they “forget.” That’s why consulting a professional bookkeeper is crucial to help your business stay afloat. If you live in the Great White North, reach out to an online bookkeeping service in Ottawa to help you keep track of cash flows.


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