5 Reasons Private Jets Aren’t Just for the Rich and Famous

5 Reasons Private Jets Aren't Just for the Rich and Famous main

Owning a private jet has long been a status symbol, only reserved for the one-percenters in society. Flying on a private jet is almost as noteworthy, a sign that you’re either rich, famous or well connected. However, there are companies that understand that the benefits of flying on private jets are something many people would like to enjoy, though they will never own a private jet or a stake in one. Here are five reasons private jets aren’t just for the rich and famous.

The Business Case

Travelling for work takes you away from work in a number of ways. You aren’t just travelling to and from the airport. You have to go through security. You need to check your bags. The flight can be an ordeal. Realistically, you can’t expect to get work done during any of this, and few of us can sleep through it, either. You can get around all of this by flying on a private jet.

While private jets have been presented as the way the rich and famous party on their way to their next public appearance, the reality is that many flights are taken by executives and consultants who want to skip the terminal, security lines, and crowds. They want to polish their presentation before they reach their destination.

And they may be able to get a direct flight to a smaller airport instead of trying to juggle multiple flight changes on a tight schedule. This is because private jets can access hundreds of airports the major airlines don’t serve. There are around fourteen thousand small private airports across the United States, many of which are located in or near city limits. You could avoid the hassle of landing into the regional airport and driving two hours to the customer’s site by taking a private jet to the nearest private airport. Now you don’t have to try to rent a car and drive across town to reach your meeting.

Private jets give you the freedom of flying on your own schedule, too. You don’t have to wake up at 4 AM to make the only morning flight before your 8 AM presentation. Because it is a private jet, they have to wait for you if the meeting runs late. You may be more likely to make that sale when you know you won’t miss your flight home if you have that schedule flexibility.

The Comfort of Private Jets

One of the benefits of renting private jets is that they offer service. You don’t feel like you’re imposing when you ask for a drink of water. Getting help loading your belongings into the jet isn’t seen as unreasonable, and you aren’t fighting with the crowds to move your delicate carry-on into a compartment.

Airlines today are like the bus services of the 1970s – crowded and uncaring. You risk being stuck next to someone who is sick, has bad hygiene, or doesn’t care about your comfort. Protest security’s overly invasive pat down and you could end up a do not fly list. Complain about service or get into a conflict with someone who is invading your space and you may be removed from the flight.

Or you could opt for a flight on a private jet. You won’t have to fight for space in storage or your worry about violations of your private space. This is a great way to start your vacation, and it will allow you to enjoy flying again. The relaxing private flight with your friends or family may eliminate the anxiety or mere discomfort you have about flying. For example, the private jet may be able to fly above the level major airlines fly, literally flying above the turbulence.

Their Surprisingly Reasonable Cost

You don’t have to be a billionaire or even a millionaire to fly on a private jet. The Cost of Chartering a Private Jet is around a few thousand dollars for a round trip through services like Paramount Business Jets. There are several factors that determine private jet rental prices with them. The main factors are aircraft size, how far you’re flying and the length of the itinerary. For example, they’ll bill you for the flight time as well as the time the jet spends on the ground waiting for you. You can get a rough estimate of the private jet hire costs through their charter flight cost calculator at https://www.paramountbusinessjets.com/private-jet-charter-pricing.html.

The calculator will give you a rough price estimate, but actual prices may be higher due to high demand, the availability of that type of aircraft, and daily minimum charges. You may pay less if there isn’t much demand for private jets that weekend, too. A private jet service that took someone to their destination may offer the empty leg on the return flight at a very low rate simply to avoid losing money.

Another factor to consider is the price you pay for the alternative. It is sometimes cheaper to charter a private jet for a large group than try to buy commercial tickets at the last minute.

5 Reasons Private Jets Aren't Just for the Rich and Famous plane

The Flexibility That Comes with Private Jets

Private pilots are only limited by the laws of physics, government, and those they set themselves. Pilots can fly when and where they want as long as they can safely land. They can use large public airports, though there are some restrictions on this. They can land at small private airports or land on grass strips. Their landing gear may allow them to land on snow or on the water. This makes private jets an excellent choice for those going to remote areas for fishing, skiing or hunting.

We’ve already mentioned that private pilots can wait for you to arrive, as long as they’re willing to do so. They can leave early, too, if everyone who was planning on coming is already onboard. They can fly day or night as long as weather and safety requirements permit it. In some cases, private jets can fly even though the major airlines are delaying flights.

This makes a private jet the best choice for when you can’t commit to a strict timetable. And their ability to land at many more airports makes it easy to change flight plans quickly. If something happens, you can choose to wait it out or go to the alternate airport of your choosing.

The Greater Safety of Private Jets

One long-standing myth is that private jets are not as safe as airlines. In reality, their fatality rates are similar, and both are extremely safe. You can go one step farther by researching the private jet fleet operators. Some of them have spotless safety records. The vast majority of private jet services own and operate aircraft that are as old and well maintained as what you’d be flying in with a name brand airline.

One of the perks of flying on private jets is that you won’t have to deal with airport security or pre-flight checks. This means that at some private airports, you can drive your car up to the aircraft and have valet service park your vehicle. Then you’re in the air within minutes of arrival, once the pilot has checked everyone’s identification and everyone and everything is loaded.


Private jets are still associated with status and luxury. However, they are increasingly used by business travellers and vacationers because it is hard to beat the unique combination of benefits they bring.


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