Ultimate Beauty Guide: What Are The Benefits Of Natural Cosmetics

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In our fast-paced world defined by ever-evolving technology and many discoveries, some aspects of life are still better when it comes from nature, such as natural skincare and makeup products. There is a vast array of makeup components and brands available in the market today. But among them, what’s really best for you?

Natural makeup has made a buzz recently, as some upsetting makeup effects surfaced on the internet. Wanting to feel and look pretty doesn’t have to be at the cost of damaging your skin and the environment.

Here are some of the reasons you should turn to natural cosmetics.

1. Earth-Friendly

Products produced by most synthetic makeup brands are demanded by many and thus are made with heavy chemicals for faster and easier manufacturing. As a waste, factories that make these products often contaminate the environment.

When the ground absorbs these chemicals, it moves through ecosystems and effectively harms plants and animals. And in a roundabout way, these chemicals can also be consumed by you when you eat the plant and meat. You also become a polluter as you take these makeup back home and flush them down your drain, effectively soiling your home.

Natural skincare products emphasize the need to take care of the environment and do their best to avoid mining for ingredients such as aluminum or lead that leaves a negative carbon footprint on the environment.

Choosing products that are manufactured organically, such as Veautie, means helping our planet recover and creating a future for our children with fewer chemicals getting back to air and water.

2. Animal-Friendly

It has been an issue before and even now that many skincare and cosmetics brands test their products on animals first before they hit the shelves of your local beauty store. This is so these companies can determine if there are any dangerous aftereffects and long-term repercussions of their product when used. If the product is safe in the first place, it doesn’t need such testing. Choosing to buy these brands means contributing to the rampant abuse and inhumane treatment of animals.

The production of natural cosmetics doesn’t include harming any living organism and is therefore ethically and responsibly made. Picking cruelty-free cosmetics helps reliable brands expand their business and reach more markets while also taking a stand against animal testing.

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3. Skin-Friendly

The usually marketed makeup brands contain chemicals, artificial colorants, and fillers that can irritate your skin. Some people are lucky not to experience any kind of makeup allergy or irritation, but some also find it out the hard way, maybe even having to deal with the aftereffects for a long time.

Look out for the following ingredients: sulfates, petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic dyes, propylene glycol, fragrances, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, retinol, sodium laureth sulfate, phthalates, and triclosan, among others. Most of these chemicals can be found in many makeup products.

On the other hand, natural makeup works with your skin, not against it. It’s also gentler and promotes nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, avocado oil, and pomegranate extract. If you want to keep your skin healthy, go natural.

4. Nose-Friendly

Synthetic makeup brands also contain strong fragrances to appeal to their consumers. This is to hide the actual smell of the chemicals used in making the product. However, some fragrances can be so intense that they may vex your nose and mess up your sense of smell. Makeup made of natural ingredients smells like the fruits of the Earth, where they’ve come from, and can even double as aromatherapy.

5. Health-Friendly

Maybe one of the best pros of using natural makeup is that it doesn’t have strange side effects. Chemicals used in conventional makeup, such as paraben – a preservative used to extend a product’s shelf life – can interfere with the body’s hormones or other processes. The frightening part of this fact is that there is still no complete discussion and findings on just what these chemicals can do to the human body.

Take, for example, when you put cream, lotion, or any ointment on your skin, it doesn’t stay on the surface. It gets through to your skin and eventually enters your bloodstream. Now imagine if that cream contains dangerous chemicals.

Natural makeup opts for nature’s preservatives such as grapefruit extracts that will not intervene with your body’s functions. Furthermore, although some may be allergic to certain ingredients, the effects are known and can be adequately explained.

Final Takeaway

Also, although usage of synthetic makeup right now may seem easier and not problematic since you can’t see the extended period’s results yet, long-term usage of the chemicals in these products causes damage and shows when you get older. Preferring natural makeup will make your skin feel cleaner and help you avoid such effects. Overall, using natural products is more effective and safer.

You can only reap benefits from using natural skincare and makeup products. When you choose to turn natural, you don’t only protect yourself. You also protect the environment and support a positive future.


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