Best Museums in Luxembourg

Best museums in Luxembourg main

Even with Luxembourg being a small country, there is no doubt their cultural heritage, history and rich traditions have a role to play in the larger European diversity.

And no better way to discover what Luxembourg has to offer than enjoying their many museums.

Those interested in the lengthy history of the country and the many powers that hold its fortified walls, or who are looking to see modern art and architecture, Luxembourg has it all.

Best historical museum in Luxembourg

We have selected our favourite museums in Luxembourg to take you back to a past of nobility, knights and soldiers, wars and peace.

The Luxembourg City History Museum is a great place to start. Right in the centre of the old town, this abbey made into a museum will walk you all the way from thousands of years ago, with archeological discoveries, to the medieval times, and even further to the more recent role of Luxembourg during the Second World War.

For a different perspective, we recommend visiting the Natur Musee, the museum of Natural History in Luxembourg.

This is a fun ride through natural sciences and how they progressed. A great family activity that can be enriched with the many workshops and interactive guided tours.

Another interesting option for the whole family is the Tram and Bus Museum, appropriately located in the City Bus department. This museum exhibits anything from horse-drawn coaches to buses and the first tram in Luxembourg, as well as items that represent the culture around the revolutionary transportation method introduced in the 20th century.

Best art museums in Luxembourg

Our favourite, the Museum of Modern Art Grand-Duc Jean, is art from the moment you see its architecture traits. It’s a great place to discover the contemporary artists that flourish in Luxembourg, as well as enjoying educational events.

Another good choice for lovers of the modern arts is Casino Luxembourg Forum d’art contemporain. Here, artists exhibit their work throughout the year. No doubt, a great place to discover the latest hidden gem in the art world.

Best museums in Luxembourg

Other museums in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a long list of museums dedicated to the cultural heritage of this tiny, but mighty, country.

For wine aficionados, there is the Wine and Folklore Museum, which includes a collection of antique dolls.

Victor Hugo who was exiled in Vianden, Luxembourg, and there are quite a few places dedicated to his person and work.

There are also museums about the mining history of the country, archeological sites where remains of prehistoric settlements were found, museums about the local food and dishes that are typically Luxembourgish, and many more.

How to get from the airport to the best museums in Luxembourg

Arriving in Luxembourg by air is easy and convenient. And then?

While there are buses and taxis from the airport into the city, you risk an expensive ride or the hassle of moving your bags from buses to trains. Best choosing for a service like door2gate.

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Since most of the museums we mentioned are right in the centre of the City of Luxembourg, it’s easy to move around either by the many buses (that are actually free for locals and visitors), walking or cycling.


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