Have You Ever Had Those Issues? Not Anymore

Have You Ever Had Those Issues Not Anymore

If you cannot access your favorite website or want to try new marketing tools for your business, the answer is the same: proxy. It is a universal tool for any kind of activity on the Web, including trading, promotion, selling goods, or personal use. For the most effective experience, you will have to find a private proxy pool with active worldwide IP addresses. All this you can get right away. Here is some information about where to buy premium Canada proxies. In the given link, there is a detailed explanation of what exactly you will be able to purchase. But we will briefly explain some advantages of using such technology and where we can draw a line between proxy and VPN.

What are all those names?

The proxy server serves as a third agent. It stands between your real IP address and a server. Turn on the proxy, hide your real address and no one will know the difference. This is happening because the website you visit reads that the data is coming from a real user. There are some additional benefits of using a proxy to consider:

● Hence the proxy creates some sort of protective shield between you and the Web. It will be more difficult for a hacker to steal your personal data.
● If you are a business owner, it may be beneficial to use a proxy server for better productivity. Now you can block social media for your employees, for example.
● And, of course, the main advantage of using a proxy remains the access to blocked content in your area. The SOAX company uses only whitelist IPs which means that there will be no penalties, CAPTCHAS, or bans from any search engine.

Now we will talk about why many people choose proxy over VPN. Do they even differ from each other?

It is almost the same, but not really

Proxy creates a different IP for a website, while VPN does hide your personal data, but not all of it. Also, you may experience some issues with connection to certain websites. VPN reroutes your traffic to a remote server, and the data becomes unreadable to those who want to track you, but only for a while. The proxy is like a VPN, only more secure.

So, if you want to have a 100% secure hidden web connection, and a long list of proxies pools from different countries, then check out the SOAX website. Choose the most convenient pricing plan, or customize your own.


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