How E-Learning Benefits Students More Than Face-To-Face Classes

How E-Learning Benefits Students More Than Face-To-Face Classes main

E-learning is learning conducted via electronic media, which is typically done through the internet. It has no substantial difference from online learning as they both depend on the student’s self-motivation for the learning experience to be successful. Over the years, e-learning can be proved to have favored learners. Compared to face-to-face classes since it is an efficient way of delivering courses as resources are available from anywhere in the world at any time.

There are many e-learning platforms on the internet offering online courses for everyone like online learning courses in Australia. Here are some of the ways e-learning benefits students more than face-to-face classes.

It Saves Time and Money

Compared to face-to-face classes that need the students to attend classes physically, e-learning has made it cheaper by providing online courses. Students get to save the money they would have used on transport and accommodation if they learned online.
Students also do not have to take time off from their jobs as they can practice multitasking since e-learning is available to them at any time of day and night.

Better retention

Compared to classes where you learn by staring at a board, modern learners prefer bite-sized interactive content. When learners are more engaged in their learning experience, it leads to more retention of what they have learned. With e-learning, learners get to watch videos, listen to podcasts which is a fascinating and enjoyable method of learning. Thus, leading to high retention of information.


In face-to-face classes, all students are forced to move at a certain pace. Which is not healthy for the slow learners as they feel they are not considered in the learning process. E-learning tends to be more beneficial for such a case since learners get to personalize their learning journey. Leaners are allowed to set their goals and work at the best pace, hence catering to individual needs.

How E-Learning Benefits Students More Than Face-To-Face Classes


With face-to-face learning, you are limited to connecting and socializing with your classmates only. Still, with e-learning being a home of connections and communication, you get to interact with people from diverse backgrounds, religions, cultures, and even countries. This is made possible through an online platform that allows learners to communicate with other students worldwide through video chats and voice chats.


Face-to-face classes are not the best when it comes to providing an environment that is suitable for learning. In many courses, you may usually find class clowns who find joy in distracting others as they learn. Distractions from class clowns or other people and noises may disrupt important learning sessions, leading to deficient performance.

With e-learning, you get to choose the environment you feel suits you best. Hopefully, this leads to high performance since the only distraction you are going to encounter is you.


In conclusion, e-learning can be more beneficial to students than face-to-face communication because of the many benefits students get to enjoy while learning. E-learning is becoming immensely popular in the education world.


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