Are the Best Things in Life Really Free? 10 Great Things to Do for Zero Money

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We’ve all heard the term ‘the best things in life are free’ – but often it comes with a catch. Something that looks like a free ticket can quickly turn into an expensive diversion, or something you thought you’d downloaded for a bit of free time fun turns out to need your hard-earned cash before you can really get into it.

Yes, quite often, another phrase is actually the truth: ‘You don’t get nothing in life for free’.

But wait! Sometimes free stuff really is good stuff! And to prove it we’ve selected the six best things to do for free – and none of them come with a hidden catch…

Marvellous Museums

Most museums are either Department of Culture-sponsored or supported by donations. This way, they can remain free and attract an optimum amount of visitors per year. Indeed, eight of the top ten visitor attractions in the UK are free. Reports suggest free entry to prime locations like London’s world-beating Natural History Museum is a key motivator for the visit of many international tourists, who in turn bring over £1bn to the economy every year. Yes, being free can be a great business model too.

Perfect Parks

Most towns have their green spaces where people can gather, relax and unwind – and most green spaces include a park, where children can run, play and learn and adults can take them without worrying about the cost. Yorkshire’s famous Roundhay Park is one of the country’s biggest green spaces at around 3km² and is a font of memories for many Yorkshire children – as well as an arena for concerts, exhibitions, sporting events and more. Course, you may need a few pennies for those ice creams.

10 Great Things to Do for Zero Money booksBorrowing Books

Caring communities have seen a proliferation of book drop zones – boxes where people can deposit books and others can take them, read them and then return them all for free. Any lover of the written word will understand the power of a good book – and a story can be the ultimate escape for adults and children alike. Naturally, this process relies on trust – but all the results show it’s not a service that tends to be abused.

Internet Inspiration

The internet is a thing of wonder – but there are financial pitfalls, as any gamer will tell you. But finding a genuine offer like these free spins is the Holy Grail for dedicated iGamers. Lots of free spin offers actually require sign-up and then a deposit – but not these – that no deposit bonus is a real and genuine offer. Why are free spins so important? Because they really let iGamers practise, get to know and, perhaps even, get on top of the latest games. Well, here’s your chance…

Extraordinary Outdoors

The Great Outdoors is our sanctuary, and beneficial not just for our body, but our mind too. Taking a hike into our plentiful and beautiful green spaces may help you clear your mind and thoughts and even help you sort through problems more effectively. Spending some free time in the open air, away from life’s hustle and bustle is almost like a healing break for your mind.

Testing Temptation

Who doesn’t want free stuff? Most big consumer brands need customer feedback on new products or ranges – and because of this, most of them need testers. Supermarkets conduct regular market research where they will send products top their list of home samplers – and all they have to do in return is give their feedback on the products they are trying out. Course there’s a sign-up process – and you do give over an obligation of time and effort – but if you’ve got some to spare why not use it to give your opinion and gain some product?


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