How to Revitalise Your Home for Spring

How to Revitalise Your Home for Spring main

With spring comes change – and for home lovers it’s the ideal time to make some changes and alterations to their interior set-up in time for a golden summer.

Here are 10 tips that might give you some home inspiration when spring arrives…

Take Down a Wall

Sometimes taking something away can actually add something special. Taking down a wall can add space, bring rooms together and create a more communal feel to a home. Open-plan kitchens are the very height of interior fashion right now and can add real value to a home. Of course, make sure you take structural advice before wielding the sledgehammer!

Go for High Tech

Smart homes can add luxury and talking points to a home – and there’s a plethora of remarkable technological additions you can make, from a bin which tells you what to recycle, a vacuum cleaner that runs when the house is empty or a wardrobe which irons and folds your clothes – you can even buy a toilet that cleans itself!

How to Revitalise Your Home for Spring wood flooring

Transform the Floor

Nothing creates a more luxurious feel to your home than ripping up those old carpets and laying some solid wood flooring. Generally thicker than engineered wood flooring, solid wood floors are cut straight from the tree trunk and are made of nothing but real hardwood to create a sturdy, beautiful and long-lasting feature.

Convert the Loft

A classic way of improving the home, but still the easiest way to add an extra room and give your kid the dream den they’ve always wanted. Key ingredients to a successful loft conversion are good insulation, proper lighting (try spotlights) and easy access.

Add a Conservatory

Still exempt from building regs, so as much of a stress-free extension as you can get, sticking up a conservatory still offers a 105% return on investment. Done right, they become the room to ease away long summer evenings and a space to escape from it all.

How to Revitalise Your Home for Spring roof

Get on Top of the Rough Stuff

If you’re feeling practical it might be time to look at some of the less glamorous fixtures and fittings. A pair of binoculars will help you spot any roofing issues like cracked tiles, or debris build-up in the roof valleys. Check also your windows to make sure the weather seals are still working and look over your brickwork for stains that could mean there’s a leak.

Embrace Energy Efficiency

Rightly becoming less a trend and more a necessity, becoming increasingly eco-friendly around the home is easier than you might think – from cleaning the coils at the back of your fridge to changing your light bulbs to energy efficient ones, there are plenty of ways you can have a green home.

Whatever updates or upgrades to your home you choose to make this spring, if you do them with style, intelligence or commitment they’ll add to the overall value of your home and, of course, contribute to your own personal enjoyment of – hopefully – the long hot summer that will follow.


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