Handy Tips to Clean a Microwave

Handy Tips To Clean A Microwave main

Many people use their microwaves on a daily basis. After coming home from a tough day at work it’s a fast solution to your hunger, but everything from scrumptious cakes to chicken quesadilla can also be cooked in the appliance. And the more you use it, the more important it is to ensure you clean it properly. This will help you avoid getting sick due to any harmful germs present inside. You need to remember to be careful when cleaning a microwave because it is an electrical product that can get damaged by carelessly throwing water in it, for instance. The following aims to help you clean your microwave easily and properly.

Unplug power cord

It’s important to always remove the plug before cleaning. Check to see if the cord has any dirt or damage in any way. If it has any issues, this can result in a fire occurring. Remove any dust and dirt that is present on it.

After this, check the inner area of the microwave to see the places that are the dirtiest. Here you will view if any areas can be taken out. If products can be removed, you can clean them properly by taking them out.

Some soaked paper towels

An easy way to clean the appliance is by using wet paper towels. Put them in the microwave. Use about a handful only. Start the microwave on full power for around five minutes.

With the help of steam coming from these towels, grime will dissolve. When the towels become cooler, employ them to clean the inner area.

Handy Tips To Clean A Microwave kitchen

Liquid used to wash dishes

Begin by adding warm water into a bowl that can be put in the microwave. Put in sufficient dishwashing liquid. Place the bowl within the appliance for a minute until it starts to give off steam.

Take out the bowl then wet your sponge. Use this and wipe it within the microwave. Once again, the steam will make the debris softer, allowing you to remove the grime. Baking powder may be put as well to behave like a deodoriser.

If you want to use a cleaner made especially for the microwave you will be pleased to know that some businesses produce this. There are brands like HG that manufacture a specialist microwave cleaner. This can be used to make the inner area free of dirt.

Lemon juice

The lemon needs to be cut in the middle then put with the cut area facing downward upon your microwavable plate with a tablespoon of water. Start the microwave with this inside for a minute. The lemon must be hot and the inner area of the device steamy.

New paper towels will be used to wipe the inside. You have a wonderful natural cleaner with this. The halves should be cut into slices and run inside the machine using water.

Always take out time to properly clean your microwave if you want it to give you hygienic and healthy food.


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