3 activities to entertain the kids on a rainy weekend at home


Picture the scene: It’s raining, it’s pouring — and as screen time elapses, the kids are already yelling “this is boring!” It’s not even midday yet on this dreary Saturday and you’re in dire need of a fun activity to keep the little ones occupied. But what to do?

Don’t worry, for help is at hand. Here are three activities to entertain your kids on a wet weekend at home. 

1. Give pottery a go

Tactile? Tick. Creative? Tick. Trendy? Tick! The humble, mindful art of handcrafted pottery taking the world by storm, and shows little sign of slowing down. Ceramics classes are bursting at the seams, A-listers everywhere are firing up the kiln, and handmade homeware has never been more in vogue.

But it’s not just for grownups. “Pottery, for kids, is one of the most creative activities you can let your child experience,” explains Ceramic School. This is because kids are inherently creative; they enjoy expressing themselves, and can truly blossom when they have something tangible to share with others.

While there are fun ceramics classes geared towards children, a quiet, peaceful home setting is ideal for the therapeutic practice of pottery. Like playdough, it doesn’t require much prep time and can be easy to whip out on a soggy Sunday afternoon. But for ultimate ease and convenience, there are plenty of simple-to-use home kits on the market. Pott’d, for example, offers a starter kit which includes “everything you need to create your own unique clay creations at home”, including clay, pottery tools, paint and brushes. 

2. Make a blanket fort cinema

No childhood is complete without some fort building. There’s something about a grey ol’ day that makes us want to snuggle up with a classic Disney movie, and a homely hideaway is the perfect place to do just that.

Fortunately, it’s super simple to make your kids a fort out of household items such as blankets, sheets, pillows, and books — whatever you can find! Although, if you’re struggling for inspiration, the how-to gurus over at WikiHow have put together a great guide for making the ultimate blanket fort. But if your kids are old enough to come up with their own design, all the better.

As with all of these activities, it’s all about the details, so stock up on drinks and snacks, plush blankets, and twinkling fairy lights. The main attraction, of course, is the kids’ favourite family-friendly film, which can be streamed on a tablet, laptop, small television, or projector. Although, if you want to keep the activity screen-free, simply replace the movie with puzzles, books, and board games.

3. Crack a case

The game is afoot! A heinous crime has occurred in the midst of severe weather and we need the services of a super sleuth to solve the mysterious case of ‘The Missing Cupcake.’ Is your household up to the challenge?

Printable murder mystery-style games make a killer hit for a rainy weekend, thrilling adults, kids, tweens, and everyone in between. Naturally, some iterations could be too frightening for younger children, however the genre is rich with options ranging from deceptive whodunits, virtual escape rooms and cool code-breaking challenges. Best of all, many of the games are completely free to use!

Before unleashing your team of tiny detectives, why not create an immersive crime scene by gathering an array of props. Think: magnifying glasses, toy pistols, and snacks (solving mysteries is hungry work, after all). You can also pepper the room with photos of iconic detectives for inspiration, such as the intrepid Hardy Boys, the iconic Sherlock Holmes, or the beloved Basil the Great Mouse Detective. The more elaborate and detailed your crime scene, the more your kids will feel like they’re cracking a real-life case.


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