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We have seen a significant advancement in technology in the previous few years, which may have opened up new avenues for the future. The global epidemic is only one of the many challenges we are now confronting. Political shifts have also happened, and power has shifted. Newcomers like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are not only advancing their space programs in the goal of bringing mankind closer to the moon, but they are also substantially investing in the creation of new technologies for a more globalized and digitalized society.

The age of the internet and the development of the recent years have shown that there are more ways to earn and to invest money than before. While we used to buy stocks or gold at the busy stock exchange places or went to the bank in order to invest or do simple transactions, the digitalization has brought up new solutions. Some of these new inventions are seen to have the potential to change the entire fiat system in the future. We all know what we are talking about here: Crypto currencies!

Cryptos are becoming increasingly important

These new digital coins which are known to be faster and safer than any other currency or banking system, have been getting more and more popular in recent years and many companies are already taking advantage of them.

Next to Tesla and other global players also the gaming and gambling industry, which is widely known as one of the most progressive industries if it comes to technological development, has adapted to the new digital currencies. Online gaming and online casinos take use of the speed and the security the cryptos provide for the providers and for the customers themselves. That is why online Casino payment methods mostly include all kinds of cryptocurrencies nowadays or at least the big ones like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

As the cryptos have entered the market the obvious question arises if and how to take advantage of their existence and how to get to a crypto income. We have the answers to these questions.

Working and Staking

Trading Bitcoin and altcoins is in fact very lucrative. Buying and selling at the right moment can make one rich overnight, but it also requires a lot of concentration and work. Trading with stocks or cryptos is always a very exciting but also exhausting thing to do as there is always a risk of losing a lot of money as well.

When we talk about getting income through something so abstract like cryptocurrencies we try to think in the most basic and comfortable way. This way is about the question of how to create income with the least amount of effort. And yes there are ways to gain money with Bitcoin etc. in a passive way, as the blockchain offers many advantages. Most of us know about the interest rate at banks. If one has enough money on the account, the bank can use the money while it is not used by the owner and pays interest for that. So a lot of money quickly becomes more by itself just by lying around on the bank.

Staking works similarly and simply means setting aside a particular amount of coins or a financial stake, which promotes you to become an important component of the network security architecture of the cryptosystem.

You are rewarded for this by simply earning more coins. There are now two kinds of staking: The Proof of Work (PoW), which means to contribute to the system by solving complicated mathematical riddles in a process called mining. Unfortunately this process requires vast amounts of power, expensive mining infrastructure, is costly to the environment, has restricted scalability, and has a poor transaction processing speed.

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More money, more options

So there is a second way. While the PoW needs, as the name says, a proof of work, the so-called Proof of Stake (PoS) model allows miners to create or validate transactions because this is related to the amount of crypto that the miner has in his wallet. Everyone benefits from it since the consensus is dispersed among all bitcoin holders.

People who own numerous currencies benefit more from the consensus since everyone receives a fixed percentage rate for staking, or keeping money in their wallet. The more you have, the more it rises exponentially. As a result, the network is dispersed and has a lower environmental effect. This offers you as a holder a great opportunity to earn money passively!

Investing and Trading

If you are looking for something more active and sustainable, investing is of course a great thing. Investing is the long-term strategy of purchasing and keeping crypto assets for an extended period of time. This strategy, which is so known and popular in the stock market, where some promising shares of companies are bought and held over a long time in order to take advantage of the entire growth of the business, is not so popular in the crypto scene. In general, crypto assets are best suited to a buy-and-hold strategy.

They are very volatile in the near term which is why many nerds in the scene who are monitoring the development closely try to get the most of the short ups and downs of the coins by buying and selling in very short periods of time. But still, the crypto world offers enormous long-term growth potential.

The investment approach necessitates the identification of more reliable assets that will be around in the long run. Long-term price increases have been observed in assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, making them a secure investment in this sense. An example of the extraordinary growth of Bitcoin shows what a long-term investment can bring.

If one has bought 10 Bitcoins in 2013 for a price of 13.3 US-Dollars each, one would now have around 800,000 US-Dollars as the price of one coin lies at around 80,000 US-Dollar at the moment. So people who invested early may have even forgotten about the few dollars and find out later to be rich. So get inspired, check it out and find your way of taking advantage of the cryptoworld.


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