Everything You Should Know About Kenya Beach Holidays

Everything You Should Know About Kenya Beach Holidays main

African countries are the ideal starting point for the classic safari experience and wildlife viewing. For instance, Kenya is one of them having vacation options for every type of traveller. You would have thought that Kenya would offer mostly safaris and wildlife. Nonetheless, you will find that it also offers some of the best beaches in East Africa and some beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean for getaways. Kenya surprises every traveller with a great beachfront setting.

Imagine the pristine white beach inviting you to relax and soak up the sun, with the blue water lapping gently against the fine sand. It encourages you to board a dhow or pick up a snorkel when the mood takes you. Protective coral reefs lined on the Kenya beaches offer the perfect setting for water sports, sailing, swimming, snorkelling, and diving.

You can easily plan your Kenya beach holidays by selecting any of the Kenya beach vacation spots to select from, starting in Diani and extending north to the islands of the Lamu Archipelago via Mombasa, Malinda, and other cities. Fun lovers, couples, and families will enjoy doing lots of activities in the beach resorts, while romantics and honeymooners will find the more secluded and private island lodges more enjoyable.

The impressive beaches in Kenya should be at the top of your must-visit bucket list if you are looking for a memorable summer holiday in a tropical paradise.

Kenya’s tropical beaches are the stuff of fantasies, offering a variety of unusual activities and breathtaking scenery straight out of the pages of the best travel publications. You will not run out of places to stay while you are there, for some of the best beach resorts are in Kenya, from secluded hideaways for lovers to lodges ideal for friends and families.

1. Voyager Beach Resort

The Voyager is a bustling resort with a ship-inspired concept that is well known for holding some of Africa’s best animation and family entertainment programmes, including exceptional musical, acrobatic, comedy, and fashion performances, as well as themed voyages across seven seas. The MV Voyager, designed to resemble a luxurious cruise ship, will take you on an amazing sea adventure with every comfort possible.

Its all-inclusive package includes:

• Watersport centre
• Weddings in Paradise packages
• Various entertainment and culinary experiences
• Boat rides over magical coral
• Breakfast, dinner, and lunch from three special restaurants
• Supervised kids’ activities
• Fun sailboats and diving programs

Everything You Should Know About Kenya Beach Holidays

2. Alfajiri Cliff Villa

Alfajiri Villas are the creation of a famous couple Fabrizio and Marica, as a desire to share their knowledge of Kenya with the world. They now proudly run Alfajiri Villas, a group of three opulent homes on Diana Beach ideal for honeymoons, romantic getaways, or family vacations.

Marica was the brains behind each custom villa’s design and curation, as well as the architect of the restaurant’s award-winning menu, which was created from the ground up. For adventurous tourists from places across the world, the proprietors and their employees have developed an authentic African beach experience that offers extreme luxury and privacy and excellent service and exclusivity.

The Alfajiri Experience, which was carefully curated with elegance, exclusivity, and opulence in mind, promises a beach hideaway unlike any other. With all meals and drinks (including local and imported brands of alcohol) included in your prices, you can have a dining experience that is as unique as your stay.

The cuisine is your option. You can be sure that your stay at Alfajiri will be nothing short of extraordinary with everything from health and gastronomic activities in the privacy of your own villa to water sports and safaris farther away.

3. Bamburi Beach Hotel, Mombasa

Enjoy the holiday of your dreams and go home with lovely memories of the African culture, sun, and sand. The awe-inspiring beachfront property is the ideal location for relaxation and offers quiet views of the Indian Ocean. It is the perfect location for tourists who want to explore and learn more about Mombasa’s exciting music, delicious food, and rich history.

The hotel has 149 guestrooms, each with a private balcony overlooking the sea and all the amenities you’ll need for a comfortable stay. From early morning to late at night, you can enjoy local and international favourites at one of the three restaurants or four bars. Additionally, the welcoming staff goes above and beyond to make every visitor’s stay delightful.

The guests can enjoy a range of activities like water volleyball, water diving, beach volleyball, water aerobics, beach football, and deep sea fishing.

Beach holidays in Kenya are the ideal way to get the needed relaxation. You can spend days lying on the pristine white sand, sunbathing and sipping your preferred cocktails, and then cruising across the water on a jet ski.


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