Kit out your TV with these must-have accessories


In the 1980s, a TV recorder or VCR player were the must have gadgets to accompany your TV. These gave way to the DVD player and then by the late 2000s, the must-have accessories for a TV were a Sky Box and a Blu-ray player. 

It’s clear that no matter how quickly TVs develop, there’s always kit that can be purchased to perfect the viewing experience. So, if you’ve saved a bit of cash and found the best 65-inch TV under £1000, use some of that change to kit your new TV out with some of these essential accessories. 

Games console the best 65-inch TV under £1000 

As advanced as smart TVs get, there’s yet to be one that can play video games that compare in any way to an external games console can. Whether you are team Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo, a games console allows you to play the latest games on your new television. The latest crop of games consoles support 4K displays, HDR10 and other technology that smart TVs often ship with, allowing you to make the most of what you’ve got. 

Streaming stick

If you don’t like the platform that comes on your smart TV, an aftermarket streaming stick is a really clever gadget to own. Regularly updated and sporting the widest selection of streaming apps available, they’re a must-have for any binge watcher. They connect via a HDMI port on your TV, use a separate remote for navigation and are genuinely affordable.  

Sound system 

While most TVs ship with a good sound system built into them, audio is often a weaker point of most modern TVs. There are two main audio upgrades you can get for a TV: a soundbar or a surround sound system.  

A soundbar is a long and low box of speakers you place under your TV that helps improve the sound offered by your TV’s existing speakers.  

Surround sound systems on the other hand need to be placed strategically around a room to give you, you guessed it, a surround sound audio experience. This is the best upgrade and cinephile can make to their TV and will help provide the best sound quality possible. It’s also one of the more expensive accessories. 

Little extras

There are a few other accessories you can purchase that will serve to improve small aspects of your TV experience. Some can be other items repurposed for your TV.

A wireless keyboard can be connected to any smart TV that has Bluetooth fitted. This will make navigating streaming apps so much quicker than using a remote control. Any wireless keyboard can be used, perfect if you already own one for work.

Wireless headphones are a popular gadget for listening to music and can be used much like a wireless keyboard for any TV that happens to have Bluetooth connected to it. This can make watching shows at night easier and allow you to enjoy a more intimate viewing experience.  

A cable organiser is an essential bit of kit for anyone who has purchased a few extra gadgets to plug into the TV. The back of most TVs can quickly resemble spaghetti junction if you’re not careful which can make finding the right wire a real pain, not to mention how unsightly it can look. 


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