Well-Heeled: The Designer Heels You Need in Your Collection


High heels are an essential part of many women’s wardrobes. While some women veer towards flats rather than heels, the women who love heels LOVE heels, and true love lasts a lifetime. 

If you’re a heels gal, you know that the sheer volume of heel styles out there is staggering. We no longer live in a “courts or pumps” world, thankfully. Now there are heels for the woman who wants to look sexy, heels for the woman who doesn’t like to be too fussy, for the woman who likes them low, the woman who likes them high, and the woman who wants to live her Carrie Bradshaw daydreams in reality. Selecting womens high heel shoes for every occasion is something that every heels girl lives for, but it can feel like a lot! While we all love a good shoe-shopping binge, we need to keep our wardrobes manageable. With that said, we’ve come up with a list of the types of designer heels that you should have in your closet at all times. These heels can be mixed and matched across a wide range of outfits. They’re classic, they’re wearable, and the cost per wear is maximised by the shoes being so versatile, which is a huge benefit! We won’t prescribe a colour, texture, or print for you to choose from because that is specific to every person’s wardrobe. What we will say is this: our advice is to keep your shoes “neutral” to your wardrobe to ensure they match well with as many outfits as possible. Let’s check them out.

1. Closed-toe pumps

The closed-toe pump is the OG high heel. It might be one of the first high heels that many women ever purchase! On the lower end of the height scale, this shoe becomes a court (descriptions of court versus pump may also vary from country to country), which is OK, depending on your style preference. The most classic shape for a closed-toe pump is a higher heel and a pointed toe. It is a shape that has been in style in one form or another for as long as people have been wearing high heels. Focus on heel strength when selecting your shoe because those spindly little heels are under a lot of pressure when you walk.

Top choices

Dune London Ladies Amina Stiletto Heels: a nude, patent heel with an extremely pointed toe.

Versace 1969 Abbigliamento Sportivo SRL: a relaxed, leaned-back shape with a touch of vintage nostalgia.

2. Strappy heels

Nothing says sexy like a strappy heel. Whether the heel is more of a kitten, sky-high, or a platform, we’ll leave it up to your discretion! Different strokes for different folks and each woman to her own, after all. The characteristics we are looking for here are sexy, sexy, sexy. Straps or crossovers expose skin while still crisscrossing it with coverage, which adds an element of allure to any look. Anything that moulds to your foot and accentuates the natural shape of your feet and legs is a good bet.

Top choices

Public Desire Wide Fit Dax Tie Ankle Heel Sandals in Metallic Blue: because there’s never a bad time for a square toe and some metallics!

ASOS DESIGN Hazey Daisy Tie Leg Heeled Sandals in Black: classic black with a daisy added for an extra dose of quirkiness.

3. Platform heels

The most recent revival of the platform heel has a decided nineties leaning to it. Think Steve Madden, but extra campy and overblown! Layers of platforms are topped by a Mary-Jane-style upper with an ankle strap. For the more easy-breezy of you, there’s a platformed loader that offers support in all the right places. If those options sound too trendy for you, there’s still the option of a platform peep-toe pump, which is always available season in, season out. The platform heels offer a lot of height without necessitating a wobbly, sky-high heel that may be uncomfortable for heel wearers who aren’t used to the angle.

Top choices

River Island Women’s Platform Heels – Pink: this ultra-soft ballet pink satin is the ultimate in femininity. 

Where’s That From Women’s ‘Cassidy’ Statement Platform Block Heel: a nude satin contrast nicely with an edgy Steve-Madden-inspired shape.

4. High-heeled boots

The choices here truly are boundless! Thigh-high patent leather with spiky heels and a pointed toe, ankle-high snakeskin with a kitten heel and round toe, mid-calf leather with a low block heel and side zipper. Whatever your style, there is a high-heeled boot out there to match it! We suggest that your “staple” boots be something easy to wear, like an ankle to mid-calf boot. We love the drama of something drastic, like hot-pink patent leather or thigh-high pirate boots, but they will not be, on the whole, everyday wear. Get the basics in wearable shapes and colours as per your wardrobe, and then focus on the statement pieces.

Top choices

Where’s That From Women’s ‘Leandra’ Chunky Platform Block Heel Knee High Boots In Black Faux Leather: These boots scream “woman in control”.

Where’s That From Women’s Saoirse Mid High Block Heel Ankle Boots Black: An everyday boot that adds edge to any look.

Wrap up

Your heels collection will be better for any of these stunning pairs of boots. There are some real classics in there and some statement pieces that can be added to a simple look to jazz it up just enough. Which shoes will you reach for first?


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