3 sentimental gifts for the newlyweds in your life


Ding dong! Are those wedding bells we hear? It’s that magical time of the year when love is celebrated and wedding season is in full swing. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift to commemorate your friend or family member’s special occasion, look no further, for we have some fantastic ideas to make the happy couple’s day even more memorable.

Here are three sentimental gifts that will make the newlyweds’ hearts swell with love.

1. A bespoke photo frame

An exquisite photo frame crafted specifically for the happy couple makes a truly thoughtful gift. Multi-aperture frames, in particular, are the perfect way for newlyweds to cherish and celebrate a range of different wedding day memories. This type of photo frame, SohoFrames explains, “involves presenting three or more pictures together in a singular format. This method has proved to be a tasteful solution for displaying several photographs, usually of the same theme, at the same time.”

What makes a bespoke photo frame so special is that you can add a personal touch to the gift. By selecting a frame that aligns with the couple’s style and preferences, and even engraving their names, wedding date, or a heartfelt message, the gift becomes a unique keepsake.

Choosing a high-quality frame that complements the couple’s home decor will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Options like antique gold, silver, or a classic wooden frame can all be considered to create the perfect gift.

2. A turntable 

Streaming has revolutionised how we listen to music, offering convenience and accessibility like never before. Still, it lacks the nostalgia and romance that vinyl records bring to the (turn)table. In this digital age, where music is just a click away, the vinyl revival has enthralled audiophiles worldwide, defying expectations and leading to a surge in sales.

A turntable as a wedding gift carries a special charm. It symbolises the timeless and enduring nature of the couple’s love, just like the classic vinyl records it plays. Unlike the digital world, where music exists in frill-less file format, a turntable allows you to connect physically with the music and experience the warm sound that only analogue audio can provide.

When you’re on the lookout for the perfect record player, take some time to check out different options and see what they offer in terms of build quality, sound performance, and extra features. Which has put together a great guide that can help you with this.

Coupled with a pressing of their special song, this gift will undoubtedly create cherished memories for years to come.

3. A hot air balloon ride

For those seeking an unforgettable experience, a hot air balloon ride is an absolute must-try. It offers a unique opportunity to escape life’s daily stresses and immerse oneself in the beauty of nature from an entirely new perspective. As the balloon gracefully glides through the sky, passengers can indulge in breathtaking views and appreciate the world below from a higher vantage point.

This experience can be especially meaningful for a newlywed couple, as it offers them a chance to extend the magic of their wedding day and create a seamless transition from their celebrations to the enchanting adventure of their marriage. After the hectic wedding planning season, a hot air balloon ride can also provide the couple with an opportunity to relax and unwind, enjoying each other’s company without any stress or distractions.

Companies like Buy A Gift, among others, offer premium hot air balloon rides that provide a truly luxurious experience. With welcome pastries, a hot drink, and a chilled glass of celebratory champagne after landing, it promises an unforgettable adventure.


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