Ergo-Tek Mesh Office Chair – Review

Ergo Tek Mesh Office Chair Review

By Steve Crabtree

A good chunk of the UK has had to adapt to hybrid working since 2020. It suits some of us, others not so much.

But with that has come a need for better office furniture in the home. And that meant that those chairs that would often only get used for an hour or two here have been upgraded to something kinder to our longer days at the desk.

I’ve recently taken delivery of the Ergo-Tek Mesh office chair from BiGDUG, and in doing so it’s made a world of difference.

Ergo Tek Mesh Office Chair Review

“Nicely packed and fully protected”

I opted for the assembled version, which is a more expensive option but for someone with questionable DIY skills like me, it was the sane one.

In doing that it arrived in a massive box, which I couldn’t get through the door! So, be prepared for an unboxing upon delivery, or get your garage door key out ready to put it away until you want to use the chair.

Anyway, the chair came nicely packed and fully protected. And, once I’d stripped away the bubble wrap, I carried it into the house, up the stairs and into the office. It was during this moment of transportation that I realised just what a decent chair I’d ordered.

Sturdy? Yes. Heavy? No – but not light either.  High-quality components? Absolutely.

Ergo Tek Mesh Office Chair Review

“Nice and easy”

As I wheeled the Ergo-Tek Mesh office chair into our home office, it became clear that it’s a high-quality piece of kit. I was pleased with this huge upgrade on my previous seat, and with a couple of hours worth of social media planning to crack on with that day, I was looking forward to putting the chair through its paces.

As I parked myself into the chair, I needed to get the settings correct and get the chair into the right position.  And, thanks to the way this chair is put together, doing so was easy.

Firstly, the height adjustment is a lever-operated affair, the gas enabling me to smoothly get myself to the right height.  That’s nice and easy, as is the multi-adjustable headrest. The armrests become adjustable at the press of a button.

For the back, there’s a lumbar function which adjusts to suit your back and helps you sit in the most correct position.

Ergo Tek Mesh Office Chair Review

“Support with an element of cosiness”

Finally, it was time to ease myself into the chair and do some work.  And I can tell you, the comfort that the Ergo-Tek Mesh chair provides is incredible. It sits you upright and ready for business, but the mesh contours to your shape, so you get support with an element of cosiness too.

But, moreover, it feels so nice to sit in, that you want to sit in it. If ever you work from home and hear the comfort of your sofa calling your name, and allowing you to switch off – this office chair overrides that and lets you get your jobs done.

In fact, this couple of hours of Social Media planning turned into a further two hours of proofreading and case study edits.

And when I wanted to get up, I got up with ease. No sluggishness and no stiffness – just ease.

The Features

  • First grade Elasti-Mesh technology with memory
  • Gas seat height adjustment for easy positioning
  • Provides essential back support for long hours of sitting
  • Breathable contoured seat pad
  • Soft padded height adjustable armrests
  • Multi-adjustable headrest
  • Certified to BS5459-2
  • 158kg BIFMA tested gas lift
  • 3 year manufacturers guarantee for 24 hours per day use.

Ergo Tek Mesh Office Chair Review

The Verdict

Well, I didn’t realise how much I used to take a decent office chair for granted when I worked in offices.  Since becoming self-employed, the chairs I’ve used at my desk have always been ok, or so I thought – but now I have the Ergo-Tek Mesh office chair at my workstation,

The wheels are perhaps better designed for a short pile carpet, or carpet tiles in an office – but that’s the only semi-negative that I can find with the chair.

Comfort, composure and protection.  That’s what the Ergo-Tek chair gives the user, and I’m really pleased to be parking my butt on one of these for the foreseeable, and feeling good while I get my work on.

The Ergo-Tek Mesh Office Chair is available from RRP from £143.00 ex VAT.


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