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Doulton TASTE Filter Bottle


by Ryan Madin

Price: £17.49
Overview: Not all tap water is created equal, and not everyone likes the taste of tap water, and so the Doulton TASTE Bottle is here to give you fresh, clean tasting water while helping you cut down on your single use plastic consumption.

What Doulton Say:

“Discover the Doulton difference on the go with the Doulton TASTE bottle. The portable solution to healthy, clean water, free from contaminants and packed full of minerals, wherever you go. Improve the taste and odour of your drinking water, no matter where you fill up. Enjoy great taste without the waste – refill again and again and reduce single-use plastic waste that often ends up in landfill and our oceans, damaging our planet.”


The Doulton TASTE Filter bottle is, at first look, a 500ml reusable water bottle, but with the added features of an in-built filter. Doulton make the claim that their TASTE bottle “has true filtra-tion capability, filtering out particulates including dirt, microplastics* and other contaminants, protecting against harmful bacteria”, and that it has the ability to remove “>95% of Chlorine and >90% heavy metals such as lead, reduction of organic contaminants.”

The filter has a life span of up to 3 months, or 300 litres of water before a new filter is needed, which works out at 3p a litre according to Doulton. Not bad, if true. A new filter will set you back £9.95 and last you another 300l, so it’s not a one-time purchase.

The bottle is ergonomically designed to fit nicely in the hand and features a carry handle on the top for ease of carry when on the go. It is built from hard wearing, durable PET and BPA free plastic, and should be able to handle prolonged everyday use.

Doulton Taste Filter Bottle Review waterDoulton Taste Filter Bottle Review water

My Experience:

I have been using the bottle every day for a couple of months, and I must admit it does make me drink more water. Not all tap water is created equal, we all know this, and the TASTE bottle is a big help when you’re somewhere where the water tap water isn’t great. At work, the water can be a bit weird tasting, despite being safe, and with the TASTE bottle, you wouldn’t know it. The filter takes out the weird tastes, leaving you with fresh, clean tasting water.

I have found that it maybe needs cleaning more often than other bottles I have, as the seal in the lid can start to smell a bit after a few hours. It’s not a big issue, and just ensures you are cleaning the bottle properly. I tend to give the filter a rinse every time that I fill the bottle just to be on the safe side. My only real negative for the bottle is the 500ml capacity compared to its size. The bottle as a whole package is the same size as many other 750ml-1L non-filter bottles on the market, and I find that 500ml is sometimes not enough water when you’re on the go. It’s also heavier than other bottles due to the filter inside, which could be a negative for some people.

The Verdict:

Overall, I like the TASTE Bottle. If you don’t like the taste of tap water, or you’re concerned about the potential chemicals and heavy metals in your water then it’s a great option. I think it could do with having more capacity if I’m honest, but if you just use it at home or at your desk, or if you have a short commute, it’s perfect for reducing your single use plastic consumption.

Value for Money7
Build Quality8
The Doulton TASTE water bottle retails at £17.49. This includes the first filter, thereafter the filter will require changing at around 3 months – 300 litres or 600 fills.
Filters can be bought separately for £9.95 or as a 12 month Refill & Filter offer of £26.85.
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