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Zoe Lyons

‘Famous Last Words’ with Comedian Zoe Lyons…

Zoe Lyons was the awkward gay kid at school with a different accent and quite a severe bout of alopecia. Never easy for a girl to fit in if she is sporting a massive comb-over while harbouring secret desires for Charlie’s Angels (the blond one mostly). Thankfully Zoe has reached that point in her life when the thought of actually fitting in would be utterly terrifying. She doesn’t want to be in anybody’s gang, she is now far happier being a ‘Little Misfit’ touring the UK with her new stand-up show. Here are her ‘Famous Last Words’…

zoe lyons comedian little misfitsLast thing you did that made you feel good?
I went for my first run in months yesterday. It was a painfully slow jog – walk but at least I was doing it. The slight leg ache today feels good.

Last thing you’d want to be doing right now?
I would hate to be going to the dentist. I know it is important to look after your pegs and I do but I get an overwhelming sense of dread going to the dentist. I’m always so delighted when I get the all clear but I am slightly put out that I don’t get a badge or something.

Last night on Earth… What’s your poison?
Dry vodka Martini straight up with a lemon twist.

Last supper… What are you ordering?
Filet mignon medium rare please with a side order of Alaskan King crab legs with garlic butter. It’s my last night who gives a stuff about cholesterol!

“I’d be quite happy living the simple life”

Last person you’d want to share a drink with?
Nigel Farage, those recent images of him in a gold lift with Donald Trump turned my stomach. A snivelling sycophant in sweaty tweed.

Last time you shed a tear and why?
This week after visiting a very elderly friend in hospital.

Last refuge… where would you go?
A log cabin in the woods preferably up a mountain, I love the great outdoors and think I would be quite happy living the simple life… As long as I had central heating… and running water… and wifi… and a food delivery service… and lights… and (you get the idea).

Last the course… tips on loot, love & life?
Save a little loot, but when it comes to love and life invest heavily with all your emotion.

Last but one… random question: Tell us about something that interests you that nobody else knows about. Like Gaelic football… or porcelain.
Medieval Dutch art.

Your Famous Last Words?
Can I have another crab leg?

Zoe Lyons’ “Little Misfit” tour comes to Leeds Wardrobe on Wednesday 23rd November


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