Top Tips for Moving from North to South

Top Tips for Moving from North to South main

Travelling across the country can be both exciting and entertaining yet moving hundreds of miles away can be a much more daunting and stressful prospect. In today’s climate, family, work and relationships can all lead to necessary up-rooting, and the preparation involved in such a huge life change can be a complicated and difficult process at first. Taking the time to consider each aspect of the move, and anything you can do to make life that little bit easier, is important in minimising any difficulties.

If you’re in the midst of considering, or planning, your big move from the north to the south, housing association Aster have outlined their top tips for moving across the country.

Choose your home location carefully

Before you look for a specific property, you need to choose a new area to live in, which can be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking to begin with. Location is extremely important, not only will the neighbourhood you choose set the tone for your new life, it’s important to choose an area with factors that are most important to you and you family. If you want to be close to a relative or reside in an area that provides an appropriate commute, good local schools or necessary amenities, each situation must be taken into consideration when selecting your location.

Ask for assistance

It may well be that you are moving for work, and if this is the case, you can ask your employer for support. Whilst they may not be able to help you financially, your employer may have some recommendations for moving companies, or may have the option to be a little more flexible with your new start date, to ensure you have enough time to settle in.

Top Tips for Moving from North to South packing

Hoard packing supplies in advance

In the lead up to your big move, be mindful of any packaging that you may come across that could be useful. Lots of supermarkets and DIY stores have un-used packaging in abundance, making it worthwhile to enquire the next time you are there. It’s also worth remembering to keep any delivery boxes, as these will come in particularly useful come packing time.

Keep an “open first” box

With the stress of a big move being so prevalent, it’s important to try and take as many steps as possible to minimise any issues. The first day of your big move could well be overwhelming, so you’re going to want to have everything organised. Making an “Open first” box is a great way to ensure you have immediate access to all the things you’re going to need in your new home, think cups, knives and forks, towels and bathroom essentials.

Don’t buy until you’re settled in

Most if not all homeowners would tell you this tip! When you’re moving to a new home, it can be extremely tempting to buy lots of fabulous interiors and furniture that you think will look amazing in your new space. Yet it’s not until you’ve actually lived somewhere that you can appreciate the things that work within your space, and the things that don’t. Holding off on purchasing until you’ve lived in your home for a little while can avoid unnecessary spending, and smarter furniture choices.

Be prepared to be a novelty when you arrive

Whenever a northerner moves to the south, or vice versa, your accent is a little bit of a novelty within your new community. Almost definitely take any queries or jokes as a compliment, or as an excuse to talk about where you are from, and you’ll fit in in no time at all.

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