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Are wall murals in style? Every now and then each of us wants to refresh and renovate the interior of our house or apartment. Observing the dynamic development of the architectural market, it is hard to refrain from using innovative and original solutions in the arrangement of your own four walls. Wall mural wallpapers are becoming an increasingly popular element of an unique type of interior design that has many uses. Let’s see for ourselves!

What exactly is the wall mural?

Wall murals are a more and more popular category in different styles, colours and designs. This technique gives us great decorative possibilities. Unlike the usual wallpaper, this one is not embossed or surface prints. Wall murals, in most cases, are digital prints from high-quality photography, but that’s not the only possibility – this unique decoration can also be created by hand painting! Regarding this type of decoration, you can fully cooperate with your own imagination and creativity: bring on the world your dream space, whether it is a fantastic, magical land or a calming European landscape.

What is the best paint to use for a mural wall?

When you’re thinking about decorating your living room with such an extraordinary element as a mural wall, you definitely should get well prepared. Acrylic paints and watercolours are the ones that work perfectly for projects like that. This kind of paint can be useful on almost every type of surface, even floor! It is extremely durable and guarantees a great visual effect even on a low budget.

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Unusual interior design – the greatest ideas 2023

When deciding on a wall mural wallpaper you can be absolutely sure that your living room will be entirely, deeply yours – a vision of your innermost dreams and desires. Here are only a few examples of what that could possibly be…

  • 3D wallpapers for the living room – owning a living room that feels like a movie theatre? Well, that’s a thing now! Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild and choose a mural which will make you feel that!
  • Sunflower field – doesn’t that sound soothing and calming, just to sit on the couch, surrounded by an enormous floral field? That’s only one out of so many behind sofa decorating ideas.
  • Tropical jungle – do not stop yourself from the feeling of freedom and wildness. Take a deep breath and dive into the joy and relaxation brought by your new interior design.

It’s really not feasible to describe all of the accent wall possibilities. Therefore, the best you can do is to not wait any longer and check all of the modern wall mural wallpaper on Uwalls.co.uk. Brand Uwalls are impatiently waiting for your apartment to become full with new ideas and inspirations!

Not only breathtaking, but also useful!

Wall mural wallpapers are such a clever way to fill the empty space not with other unwanted furniture, but an extraordinary type of decoration. Large, living room wall decor will definitely play the role of the most creative and eye-catching decoration. It will not only solve problems like undeveloped decor around the tv wall, but also be an amazing idea for the child room! It’s nothing more than the possibility to live in a favourite cartoon or a landscape created in a little one’s cute imagination. Wall mural art design will certainly look beautiful and trendy in any kind of room and setting. See for yourself, how many creative possibilities are wide open exactly for you!


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