The Ultimate Guide To Levelling Up Your Home For 2022

The Ultimate Guide To Levelling Up Your Home For 2022 main

Redecorating your home may be a slightly strenuous project, but actually deciding on what you’ll do to spruce the place up can be an even bigger challenge. One of the most important choices when redecorating is choosing décor, furniture, and colours that you’re going to appreciate for a while, so longevity must be a key factor when making decisions.

As well as this, you’ll want to find ways to improve your quality of life where possible too, and this often comes from useful technology which can be seamlessly incorporated into the home without standing out. We’ve put together a helpful guide for ways to effectively level up your home with tech as well as shining a light on the predicted themes of the next year.

Natural Materials

As we put more focus on our impact on the environment, natural materials will continue to become more popular due in no small part to their sleek, timeless appearance. As well as the great look that woods and stone lend to a room, they’re also significantly resilient compared to cheaper, synthetic materials. Furniture made from MDF, and other economical choices, breaks far quicker and contributes to a wasteful mentality, so paying a bit more for something that you’re going to be able to keep for the foreseeable future is a much more respectable decision. You can even retrofit that furniture in the future if it’s exhausted its usefulness, or if you’re just looking to change things up. Of course, thinking about making improvements to your home can be great but can uncover unsightly problems. Visit for more information on preventing dampness.

Multi-Functional Space

Instead of allocating specific rooms for a single purpose, many people have started to incorporate multi-functional rooms into their homes. This is especially useful for smaller homes which require as many space-saving techniques. Realising that our homes could continue to be a space that we spend much more time in than usual, it’s worth knowing that it can accommodate us comfortably for extended periods of time. Not to mention, being able to quickly retrofit a living room into a dining room and vice versa is exceptionally useful for breaking the monotony. Having the ability to transform a spare room into an office space is also a popular choice as well, especially if work-related materials can be hidden away once we’re done for the day.

Dark And Deep Colours

Rich and satisfying earthen colours laced with darks is a perfect way to set a moody yet relaxing tone. Coppers and browns and deep cream colours are coming into play much more towards the end of 2021 and into the next year and riding along with this trend is an exceptional idea. Where possible, consider even using blacks to accentuate curves and edges, be it a mirror frame, banister, or a bookshelf; but, be wary not to overshadow your room with these void-like black tones. Reserve them solely for accenting and you should be fine.

Smart Lighting

A very popular addition to homes today is the smart light. Using these nifty little bulbs, you can completely change the look and mood of a room at the press of a button. Depending on the brand and style of lights you get, you’ll be able to not only change the intensity and shade of the lights in your home, but you’ll even be able to change the hue too. Throwing a dinner party? Then choose a nice subdued, warming yellow, reminiscent of candlelight and fireplaces. Perhaps you’re hosting a house party with a more active, fun atmosphere? Pick out some fun, vibrant colours to really get the party started.

Utilising Natural Light

While smart lighting can be useful, one of the biggest challenges to spending more time indoors is generally a lack of natural light. If you’re living in an overtly gloomy space, finding ways to redirect light throughout your property should be at the top of your list. Mirrors and light colours for your walls are the best way to do this without doing anything drastic to the structure of your home, however, if you’ve got the time and money, consider opening up more areas to your home with more and bigger windows.

If there is an opportunity to do so, installing a roof lantern or skylight is a stylish and effective way of adding natural light to your space. Historically people have been put off by installing these due to difficulties with regulating both heat and light. However, there are now some innovative roof blind options available nowadays that mitigate these concerns.

Natural light not only improved the appearance of a space, it’s also great for your mental health too.

The Ultimate Guide To Levelling Up Your Home For 2022 blinds

Automated Systems

Tech doesn’t necessarily have to be smart to be useful for your home today. Making use of things like electric, remote-control blinds to assist you with directing that natural light into your home like those offered by New Blinds. Adding automation not only makes life much easier, saving you time and energy, it also adds an entertaining talking point to your home when guests visit, and being able to change the look and feel of a room with the press of a button is incredibly appealing. If you’re interested in finding out more about systems like this, visit

Using Textures

Fabrics can completely change the look and feel of your home and choosing those with beautiful textures can really improve your home’s aesthetic. Not only do textured fabrics do this, but so do your walls and floors too. Smooth and sleek materials serve their purpose but adding in some stand-out textures to really draw the eye as well as the hand—especially if you’re the more tactile sort—is a great decision. Throwing in some rustic textures to go alongside your natural materials can really accentuate your home’s reused, authentic, and eco-friendly look. Consider using things like wicker and other woven fibers, as well as velvets and Sherpa fabric too for a really luxurious yet humble look.

Houseplants For Health

While this isn’t necessarily a new feature, adding houseplants to a home is the perfect way to knit the whole image together. If you ever look at a room, no matter how beautifully designed it is, and think it’s missing something, the answer is likely plants. Not only do plants fill a room with character, but they also have alleged health benefits due to their natural air purifying abilities, as well as being said to improve the state of our mental health. And don’t forget, houseplants don’t need to be taking up lots of space. Remember to use verticality when positioning your plants and consider even creating a living wall of hanging plants. They also serve to dampen acoustics and absorb noise pollution from outside of your home.

Saving Power

A key part of decorating and renovating homes today is to look for ways to save power to help both the environment and our bank accounts. Smart homes today are generally created with efficiency in mind, and there’s no reason you can’t implement these types of systems and appliances into your home too. If you do choose to use things like smart lights for example, these tend to be low-energy bulbs, and this is often the trend for all newer tech. If you don’t use smart lighting, then it’s still worthwhile choosing low-energy bulbs as well as newer, more energy-conscious appliances to make your home as green as possible.

Managing Your Home

When it comes to making our homes smarter, there are countless useful smart technologies and appliances that can help you to manage your busy lifestyle. Smart refrigerators, for example, can notify you of required ingredients that you may be running low on and vacuuming robots can be switched on and programmed to clean your floors while you’re out and about. Finding ways to bring your home into the future is one of the best ways to truly level up your home, and 2022 is sure to bring us even more tech innovations as well as exciting changes to our style.


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