Modular Walls and Glass Partitioning Offer a Cost-Effective Way to Create Private and Public Spaces

Modular Walls and Glass Partitioning Offer a Cost-Effective Way to Create Private and Public Spaces

Some new build architectural projects feature sleek glass facades. If you admire the look of these buildings, it may interest you to know that a glass wall or curtain walling can be a cost-effective option for a home renovation project. The modular slimline aluminium fixed glass units available today can be used to form stunning glass walling solutions. By using this unique modular construction, doors and windows can be seamlessly incorporated into the design. It’s an exciting glazing solution if you are planning a refurbishment project—one which will open up the whole house and create a real design statement for your home.

Glass walls can be used in modern and period homes

Glass walls are a striking addition to any home. They look beautiful in contemporary homes and can also create wonderful contrasts in more traditional houses. In barn conversions, glass sections are often incorporated into an entire gable end. In Oxfordshire, a cottage has been given a stunning makeover with folding doors incorporated into its glass walling.

Modular glass wall can create narrow sight lines, ideal for creating a sleek, contemporary look in your home. There are two main types of glass walls: capped glazing and capless glazing. Capped glazing has a slim framing system that you can see from the outside. Capped glass walls typically have a depth of 50mm. Cappa-less walls give the illusion of being a single sheet of glass, but this may be broken up with steel or wooden mullions. Glass can be as large as 5 metres long and 5 metres high, to create a curtain wall with real drama. A popular use of curtain walls is at the rear of a house where light floods in on two levels – perfect for homes that don’t overlook this area.

Customized Glass Wall Panels

Glass wall sections can be manufactured to fit the size and shape of a building’s existing architectural features, while also complementing or contrasting with them. The glass can be colored or frosted in some places, depending on the client’s wishes.

Security and glass walls

Curtain walling not only looks impressive, but its flat surfaces provide security comparable to that offered by aluminium doors and windows.

Glass walls can be an effective way to retain heat

When building regulations changed a decade ago, allowing for higher thermal efficiency in commercial glazing, it meant that glass curtain walling became more readily available for residential projects. If you want to update the look and feel of your home, consider a glass wall. The new panels are cost-effective and high performing. Architects factor in wind loads and your home’s location when designing a curtain wall. The glass is attached to the steel frame by means of hidden fixings, which gives it strength. Frame depths can vary from 50 mm to 250 mm.


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