6 Top Tips for Creating Your Perfect Bedroom

6 Top Tips for Creating Your Perfect Bedroom main

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home since it’s the place where you go to relax and sleep. Given that we spend several hours a night in bed sleeping, it’s important to understand just how much the design, colours, and furniture in your bedroom can have an impact on your overall health and wellbeing. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of work or even a lot of money to improve your bedroom and create the perfect sleep space for you. If your bedroom isn’t making you feel very relaxed lately, there are several things that you can do to improve the space and how you feel about it. Since the bedroom is such a personal room, how you improve it will largely depend on your own preferences and needs, so think about things such as your favourite colours and designs, artwork that makes you feel good, and any types of furniture that you need to stay comfortable. Some of the basics of creating the perfect bedroom for you include:

Get a Good Bed and Mattress:

Your bed and mattress can make a huge difference in how well you sleep at night. If you’re planning to invest money into improving just one thing in your bedroom, this is a great one to choose. That’s especially true if your current mattress isn’t right for you, or if you have been sleeping on the same one for years. Mattresses aren’t designed to last forever, and even a high-quality one might start giving you problems after a decade or so. While you can buy a lot of mattresses online today, it’s a good idea to go into a store where you can check the firmness and comfort levels of the mattress in person before you decide which one to buy.


A cluttered space can often lead to a cluttered mind, and that’s the last thing that you will want when you are trying to relax, wind down and go to sleep at night in your bedroom. Spend some time clearing out the items in your bedroom and use the opportunity to deep clean in all those corners and behind furniture that you might not always reach in your everyday cleaning routine, such as underneath the bed and behind your wardrobe.

If you are finding it difficult to find somewhere to store all your items, consider adding storage solutions like these built in wardrobes from online-bedrooms.co.uk so you can enjoy more space in your room for storage without compromising on floor space. Built in wardrobes are a great idea for unusually shaped rooms in particular since you can have them customised to fit into almost any area. Online Bedrooms offers made-to-measure wardrobes that are available to install in your bedroom in just 3-4 weeks.

Under-bed storage is another great way to add more space and keep clutter out of your room.

6 Top Tips for Creating Your Perfect Bedroom bed

Darken the Room:

A room with a window that lets in a lot of light during the night can have an impact on the quality of sleep that you enjoy. If your bedroom is right in front of a street light, having it shine through the window when you are trying to sleep at night can be really annoying and may even lead to insomnia. Blackout or room darkening curtains are a great upgrade to make and you can often find them for sale at reasonable prices in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit your room décor. They will make a huge difference to the environment in your room at night by preventing any light from coming in through the curtains and keeping your room dark enough for you to drift off to a restful sleep.


The temperature in your room can also have a massive impact on the quality of sleep that you get, especially when it’s warm outside. While you can always use additional blankets and turn on the central heating during the winter months to warm up your bedroom before you go to bed, staying cool at night during the summer can be trickier. You might want to consider having air conditioning installed in your room to keep it at the right temperature, or if you want a cheaper alternative, consider getting a high-quality fan. Make sure that you dust your fan regularly so that it’s not blowing dusty air around the room for you to breathe in while you’re sleeping. You can also get mattresses with temperature control layers that are very helpful for regulating your temperature at night if you tend to be a hot sleeper.

Pick a Colour That Relaxes You:

If you want to give your bedroom a fresh coat of paint or put up some new wallpaper for a feature wall, the colours that you choose are important. Not only should you opt for colours that you like, but it’s a good idea to think about which colours tend to help you feel more relaxed and calm compared to others. This can have an impact on your stress levels and help you feel more peaceful when you go to bed after a long day.

Make it Cosy:

Finally, adding the finishing touches to your bedroom can make all the difference. When creating the perfect bedroom for you, think about all of the things that are going to make it cosy for you. Smart lighting so that you can create gentle mood lighting, lamps for reading, and comfortable throws and scatter cushions are all great ideas. If you tend to struggle to get to sleep due to anxiety at night, adding a weighted blanket to your bed can be a great way to help you feel calmer during the night and make it easier for you to fall asleep.

Creating the perfect bedroom for you is a personal process that depends a lot on what you need and what you’d prefer for the room. Keep these tips in mind to easily create a bedroom that works for you.


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